Release Blitz: The One

The cattiness.
The fights.
The shaming.

I don’t generally watch reality television, but I definitely don’t watch reality dating shows. Besides the fact that it’s completely staged, it’s a horrible depiction of people — women especially.

Women are pitted against each other to compete for the affection of a man they “fall in love” with after a week or two.
I call B.S.
It is complete crap.

So when my best friend, Koko, was hired as a makeup artist o the set of the most popular reality dating show, The One, I teased her mercilessly.
She told me that if I didn’t stop teasing her, she would get me back.
And she did…
Which is how I ended up as a contestant on The One.

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“Ohhhh, yeah,” I remembered, familiarity of the case and the names flooding my brain. “’Sweet’. That case ended her music career, didn’t it? I loved that song. I vaguely remember that he was the one who wrote it, but they settled out of court, right?”

“Yes. But do you know what he looks like now?” My best friend inquired.

“No… I just remember being fascinated by the case because—”

“I’m going to go ahead and stop you right there,” she interrupted, cutting me off mid-sentence.

“We are not going to talk law right now. We are going to talk about you having the chance to bump uglies with Julian Winters. He is the—”

I frowned as I interjected, “The sheer fact that you said ‘bump uglies’ has disqualified you from giving me advice about anything in general, but sex specifically. You need to—”

A quick knock on the door followed by the sound of it being pushed open forced my sentence to end abruptly.

About The Author

Danielle Allen is a lover of football, fashion, film and fiction. Married to the yin to her yang, Danielle spends most of her time with her husband, family and friends. From karaoke nights to vacationing and everything in between, she enjoys making the most out of the life in which she’s been blessed. Danielle spends her days teaching and event planning and her nights writing.

Danielle Allen is the author of the Back to Life Series (Back to Life, Back to Reality, Back to December*), Love Discovered in New York, Autumn & Summer, the Heartache Series (Heartache, Heartfelt, Heartless*) and Work Song.


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Release Blitz: Venture Forward

Title: Venture Forward
Series: Book 3 in The Venture Series
Author: Kristen Luciani
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Raw. Cold. Detached. Domineering…

Paul Emerson lives life like he f*cks. It’s the only way to survive, to battle the demons forever lurking in his subconscious, to resist succumbing to the darkness that perpetually overshadows his existence. As a ruthless venture capitalist with an insatiable appetite for power and control, he has no tolerance for emotion or any tryst spanning more than a few hours. Feelings equate to weakness and weakness destroys livelihoods.

Driven. Focused. Bitter. Guilty…

Avery Hunter is tormented by what she can’t change, but letting go is never the preferred option. Her successes aren’t nearly enough to fill the gaping void in her heart and soul. No, revenge always begets satisfaction and fulfillment…except when it extinguishes the last source of brightness in her life. Karma is a bitch and irony is her evil twin sister.

Damaged. Rejected. Broken…

The woman who harbors and the man who resists. With so much baggage and even more angst, can their wounded souls finally find solace in one another? Or is their future happiness doomed to be ravaged by the lies and deceit that litter their pasts?

Kristen Luciani is a self-proclaimed momtrepreneur with a penchant for Christian Louboutins, Silicon Valley, plunging necklines and grapefruit martinis.  As a deep-rooted romantic who prefers juicy drama to fill the lives of anyone other than her, she tried her hand at creating a world of enchantment, sensuality, and intrigue, finally uncovering her true passion. No pun intended…
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Unlikely Venture
Nothing Ventured

Release Blitz: Swelter by Nina G Jones

Swelter Rel banner

Title: Swelter

Author: Nina G. Jones

Genre: Erotic Romance

Release Date: October 1, 2015



I married the right brother.

At least that’s what I tell myself at night, when I stare at the ceiling and listen to the rhythm of the grandfather clock down the hall. It never feels like the mere passage of time, but a countdown towards something inevitable.

Bobby Lightly is selfish, irresponsible, and careless. I haven’t seen him since the day I married his brother. He slipped out during the wedding reception without a word.

A year later, I heard Bobby was drafted to Korea. He never said goodbye to anyone. Never sent a letter. We had all come to terms with the fact that he was probably dead somewhere, either a victim of the war or its aftermath.

That is, until in the midst of an unrelenting heatwave, he showed up at the doorstep of the house I lived in with his brother.

Everyone thinks I’m cruel. Everyone thinks I should be easy on him. They think I don’t understand him. They all think I hate him.

But what no one understands is that it was Bobby who broke my heart.

And I think he’s back to do it again.


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The dim porch light spotlighted Bobby. I tried not to look, but it only took seconds to fall in. He took a swig out of the long-necked bottle. His sandy brown hair was knotted back carelessly, most of it not long enough to reach the ponytail, so that the locks collapsed in reckless waves. Until his return, I had never seen him like that. The Lightlys always kept their boys clean-cut. He was almost twenty when I saw him last and in those few years he had transformed into a man. His stubble framed a sharp jawline, and only made his roguish smile more mischievous. No one around here dressed or kept their hair like Bobby. And like his fits of quiet, it added to his mystery. Outwardly he would be silent, but quiet Bobby was always the loudest to me. I could almost hear his mind racing with thoughts, a tension that swirled around him like a silent storm. So while he didn’t say a word, I always felt like he was tearing the space apart. I could feel the air pressure change as Bobby raged internally. For all of his yapping growing up, during these silent “fits” was when I felt closest to him.

We didn’t say anything for a minute or so. We used to do this sometimes, when we were teenagers. When Bobby and I weren’t fighting over something, or sometimes just after we did and had exhausted each other, we would just sit together. Sometimes we would talk, other times we wouldn’t.

It seemed Bobby didn’t want to pressure me to talk and so it was me who spoke the first words.

“So is it the heat?”

“Hmm?” he asked.

“Why you can’t sleep.”

“Oh,” he replied, the steady creaking of the porch swing a backtrack to his words. “No, I don’t mind it. I just sleep in the raw.” He winked.

I fought a smile and shook my head at him.

Bobby leaned forward, stopping the swing. The silence this created punctuated his next words. “It’s um . . . before the war I used to sleep like a rock every night. After, well sometimes I do, other nights I don’t.”

“Oh,” I replied, my arms crossed as I kicked at a dry leaf on the floor.

“Want some?” Bobby tipped his beer towards me.

“Oh no, I’m fine.”

“Come on, you’ve always loved some beer.”

“Things change.”

“Oh yes they do,” he leaned back and got to rocking, “but the taste for beer. That never does.” He raised an eyebrow playfully.

I glanced up at the little bugs dancing around the porch light, reminding myself not to become like them.

About The Author


Nina G. Jones is the author of the bestselling novel DEBT, the Strapped Series and the erotic romance, Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel.

Her next novel, Swelter, releases on October 1st, 2015.

Nina LOVES connecting with readers. You can connect with her via Facebook, Twitter, or through this site.

Website | Facebook | Twitter | Goodreads



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