Review: Two Roads (Gypsy Brothers Book 6)

Two Roads Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 94
Genre: Dark Romance, Suspense, Erotic Short Story, New Adult Fiction
Stars: 4

Juliette and Jase may be out of Dornan’s immediate reach, but as tensions rise, will they end up walking right into the enemy’s trap?

Can Juliette forgive Jase for his devastating betrayal, or will it destroy everything they’ve been fighting for?


Well then…That was a lot of crap in one volume….Like im stunned. I had to put my book down at some point simply because i was emotionally drained for Juliette. I didn’t even know how much more i could take. The story itself is really twisted and emotional but to actually get a peek at the raw emotions that are underneath the strong ass kicking facade? Man I would have crumbled a long long time ago. I feel bad in some ways for Jase. I don’t think I could stand under so much betrayal and circumstances. I just don’t think I could do it. While I admire his devotion i also count him a fool. She is constantly lying to you and yet you stay. I want to smack them both sometimes.

Anyhow I am secretly in love with The Prospect. I think he has been nothing but silently supportive and can’t wait to see where his story goes or starts per say. I think though that there is going to be SO MUCH more from him and very soon. I hate Dornan Ross and the fact that he is willing to treat Juliette the way he does while snatching up another woman and child as a hostage. I hope that this man slowly burns alive to be honest. He is filth. ugh.

I am glad that Jase and Juliette got their little moment and i think the beach scene was the sweetest but I don’t know something irks me about their relationship and i can’t put my finger on it. On a side note: hooray! her mom is alive but I don’t really know what she adds to the story itself. This volume felt very loooooong compared to the other ones. I didn’t mind it but with the roller coaster feelings I was kind of happy it wasn’t a full length novel.



Review: Throne of Glass

Throne of glass Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 432
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Fiction
Stars: 4


In a land without magic, where the king rules with an iron hand, an assassin is summoned to the castle. She comes not to kill the king, but to win her freedom. If she defeats twenty-three killers, thieves, and warriors in a competition, she is released from prison to serve as the king’s champion. Her name is Celaena Sardothien.

The Crown Prince will provoke her. The Captain of the Guard will protect her. But something evil dwells in the castle of glass–and it’s there to kill. When her competitors start dying one by one, Celaena’s fight for freedom becomes a fight for survival, and a desperate quest to root out the evil before it destroys her world.


My outloud thoughts:
oh! the mouth on you!
Oh.MY.GODS…so many books..i think i’m in love
You both like to read? Since when?!
Boy i think i love this author- she makes characters who read!
*sighs* can’t you stay out of conflict for one minute Celaena?!
ooh he gave me the chills too!
BREATHE! YOu’re an assassin for god’s sake!
Oh my! Did he just..nuh uh! Stop it he totally just…
now you’re being haunted? Dude is there something i need to know!?
Ok so are you two related or what?
Nehemia – chick is badass…nice!
Aww bye Nox
Like a boss!!!
Wow you two!
Celaena Sardothien
I keep forgetting just how young this girl is. She is so quick and just badass that it makes me jealous. Seriously this wretched looking girl has been beaten starved and thrown into hell on earth to still come out unbroken and untamed. She meets the prince for goodness sake and spits sarcasm and arrogance at him instead of cowering! She takes on men with twice the amount of weight and reach on her and still succeeds. For all the evil she has accomplished she is still so so good at heart. She obviously has some hidden magic power in her which makes her even more mysterious. She can see the world of living and reality AND the world of magic and sometimes the undead. AS for the assassin part we don’t see too much of that right now. OK thats fine its the 1st book. She does have these moments where i forget she is even an assassin though. With the crazy bipolar mood swings of a teenager she goes from bad ass to simpering foolery. *shrugs* it happens we were all teenagers once. Overall she is one of my favorite characters this year.

Lillian Gordana
I agree with Celaena on this one. This was THE LAMEST alias ever to be allowed to live. It didn’t really sound believable and was hard for her to pull off. However when celaena was in Lillian mode it was very hard to like her. She was docile and very nearly obedient. I mean yes some of the fantastic assassin showed through personality wise but otherwise i felt as though this “alter Ego” of Celaena was very very chicky and sucked so much 😐

Chaol Westfall
Ah Captain Westall….i feel like there’s so much more to him than the author is letting on. I love him a little bit. He’s a complete stick in the mud but he is smart and honor bound. He is terse yet has a soft understanding side that i adore. I hope in the next book I get his full story because i didn’t get enough of him this time around. He is Celaena’s keeper and he doesn’t do a spectacular job towards the end. He falls in

Dorian Havilliard
What a PANSY!!! ok, ok i get what he does and how he does it when it comes to his father is strategic. for him not to be thrown out of the line of succession and be able to rule fairly he must kowtow to his papa…fine but listen…You could be more constructive with your time and certainly less whiny because you’re a fucking prince. A PRINCE!! You have choices and options. Am i glad that you are well read and LOVE to read? yes i LOVE this about you. Am I glad that for once a strong male lead is able to recognize when he is wrong or how he has done wrong? YES! BUT i don’t really like the lack of motivation to change until a woman comes around…i mean don’t get me wrong Celaena is pretty bad ass and worth the change but to me he has to WANT to be better even without her. *shrugs* so she inspires him fine BUT he still isn’t making too much change or too many waves. He’s the typical court hoe – or so he is described as such. Yep one with feelings but hey as he demonstrates feelings change.
-Hey buddy thanks for saving Celaena but we know it was simply to spit in yo daddy’s eye at least at first.

King of Adarlan
I mean ICE COLD this one! He seems to have a bottomless pit of evil stored inside of him like the rest of the world doesn’t matter. all that matters is his goals and ambitions and god forbid anyone get in the way. He will decimate you in a heartbeat without issue or remorse. He gives me chills. Hell he scares the worlds greatest assassin but i want to know why. i feel like there is so much behind this character that i didn’t get to see and i hope! i get more of his story in the next book. What is his driving purpose to be so evil and powerful. The man is manipulative and merciless. Does he even have a soul? I would like to know

Lady Kaltain
This heifer is THIRSTY! I mean seriously she will stop at nothing and I mean NOTHING to get a crown on her evil little head. This opium junkie has it out for Lillian from day one and is set on catching the prince in her little traps to secure a position as nobility. She teams up with Duke Douchebag to take down Lillian so that she may lose the competition. It seems that Celaena is good at making haters if nothing else. Lady Kaltain is approved of by the rarely seen and seemingly frivolous queen yet Prince Dorian wants NOTHING to do with her [it makes for amusing scenes between the two]. Being ignored so well and on top of that insulted or threatened into a relationship with perrington pretty much makes her crazy though we find out why later on in the book….i have a feeling this one comes back in the next book and with a vengeance at that.

Duke Perrington:
What a dick! This guy even introduced himself as a complete doucher ugh! I really can’t stand his oily ginger ass (no i don’t have anything about gingers) He’s a hater and honestly no one but the King likes him. From go he is set on making Celaena’s life absolute hell. he’s crude and feels like he is only around for the money. He’s a slimy leech and unfortunately the king listens to him more than he listens to his own son.

Well then! How special does Celaena REALLY have to be to have the VERY FIRST QUEEN of adarlan come to her and not once but a few times? The first queen and part fae at that? your daddy must have been mad at you for choosing a human! I see a lot of you in Celaena, at least what i know of you. I am really happy that you are a warrior queen and not some simpering save me please lass. I need more of that. More bad ass warrior queens please!!!

Speaking of warrior queens this one is a fierce warrior princess! And one who is able to subtly stand up for her people in the face of all issues. I LOVE HER! She is scheming and conniving but she is so for a good reason. She isn’t afraid to jump into the fray and she has fought for her rebel people. She comes to this foreign land seemingly knowing nothing but knowing more than she lets on and turn after turn is accused, threatened, humiliated and insulted. Her classiness never Wavers. This one bears a huge secret and i hope to all goodness that we get to see more of her in the upcoming installations because i really loved Nehemia and her strength. In my opinion with her wisdom and quietness she is perfect for Celaena. Her and her people may actually provide the key to the wyrd mystery that Celaena is so curious about.

The Writing:
I mean it’s a YA book so i wasn’t expecting excellently executed sentences; i just wanted a damn good story. I like to read NOT be a grammar nazi. So that being said do I feel as though the author probably could have made friends with an assassin to write better about them sure. Do i think that this was the main purpose of this story: To inform young people about assassins? NO! so i’m not going to knock her for it. It was targeted towards young people so it comes off a little juvenile. I like to step away from life because it sucks. Who cares if it’s believable ESPECIALLY with a YA FANTASY novel.
This wasn’t difficult to read and i thought it flowed nicely – i could have sat and read it in a day if i had no interruptions. There were no weird confusing sentences or mismatching descriptions. I enjoyed the detailed descriptions and that there were simply somethings that i would have found on about love and stuff. There was no raunchiness and certainly no sexytime. I thought the characters were well built, in my opinion, and will continue to grow.

My overall impression:
I enjoyed the story even though i felt as though i had walked into a romance novel with hunger games type of setting and not just any romance novel but a love triangle at that i thought the author handled that pretty well. Things seem to be working out and i mean keep in mind the girl is SUPER YOUNG! I loved the concept and that there is this magnificent beautiful palace of death and secrets. I really hope to see more growth and more assassinating out of the second and third books. Do i feel like this was more of an information story first? yes BUT i feel that it will all come together later. I loved this though. Awesome Read for me.

Review: Medusa, A Love Story (Loves of Olympus Book 1)

Medusa a love story Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 296
Genre: Fantasy, Romance, Mythology
Stars: 4


Medusa is ruled by duty, to her Titan father and the Goddess Athena. She’s no room for the tenderness her warrior guard, Ariston, stirs. When Olympus frees her from service, her heart leads her into the arms of the guard she loves… and curses her as the creature with serpent locks.

Ariston goes to war with a full heart… and dreadful foreboding. He learns too late of the danger Medusa faces, alone, and a Persian blade sends him into the Underworld. But death, curses, nor the wrath of the Gods will keep him from returning to her.

Poseidon will use Greece’s war to get what he wants: Medusa. He does not care that she belongs to another. He does not care that she will be damned. He is a God, an Olympian, and she will be his.


Out-Loud Thoughts:

-Well then….that prologue was certainly attention grabbing
-Talk about petty and vengeful ugh how contrary can gods be?!
-Seriously i would like to murder poseidon right now. Not even going to lie.
-I honestly cannot believe the nerve of Athena!
-Good for you Medusa! Way to stand up for yourself honey!
-Well Damned if you do and damned if you don’t!
-I hope Ariston comes back to life and somehow kicks some Olympian ass!!
-Ariston is pretty bad ass he said he’s going to negotiate…with Hades…hmm?
-Poor Thea 😦
-Ugh give her the effing necklace!
-I cannot believe how much ass backwardness, double standard conniving and hateful manipulation is happening!
-Really Poseidon! All those lives for ONE CHICK!?!
-Sighs. I kind of hate this story right now.
-Hmm Hades…I am..surprised sort of…
-whoa….i think im in love with Hades

Poor. Beautiful. Dutiful Medusa. Your only crime was duty and justice. I hate that you were so duty bound that you were abused, used, and then lied to over and over again. I feel like she was my most favorite sad character. She was sad for 95% of this book! She was always cast aside and left in some sort of pain or fashion. Always so unfairly treated.

Athena – this one is selfish and blind. honestly your most faithful servant has a problem and you turn against her. She pleads her trauma to you and you rebuke her, shun her and punish her. Way to go. Glad you’re not in this century standing for feminism! where is your wisdom when handling this situation!!! Smh i am sad that Medusa ever loved and trusted you.

Poseidon – this guy is a dickhead. maybe i never noticed it before because he was never portrayed as such but he’s a total prick. I don’t like him at all. He is a rapist, a philanderer, a bully, and a manipulative twat.

Tenacious! I love him! I can’t believe he would torture himself for love but because of it i find him charming and wonderful. He begged audience with Hades. He gave up Elysium and was prepared for Tartarus! FOR HIS WOMAN! He fought for her, searched for her, begged pleaded and tried to beat the shit out of Poseidon for her! I am a little in love with Ariston and proud of him. I hope there are more men out in this world like him

Thea – Pretty kick ass pet owl that was gifted to Medusa from Athena and then taken away again as punishment. Update: sighs…can I have one! Honestly! She was loyal until the very very end!

Elpis – Can you say Bestie?! I mean yea she is a servant but through thick and thin (at least so far 53% of the way) she has been there for Medusa. Update: aww elpis 🙂 I am so happy for you! **Squee**

Euryale Thing 2 – I was pretty iffy about these two sisters but she did stay on the cliffs to search for the girl’s necklace. I don’t think they mean to be horrid to medusa but it is all they know. Update: When she isn’t focused on being mean she is really sweet. AND super faithful to Medusa.

Sthenos Thing 1 – The oldest of them all i suppose. She showed her loyalty and is protective of medusa right after she met her fate with Poseidon. *shrugs* i still think she is out for herself and her only doing daddy’s bidding however I do see the sisterly love between them all. Update: she is like the mommy of the 3 and it surprises me how much she loves her sister.

Galaenus – I suppose he is like her host though Medusa learns to love him like family as she doesn’t exactly have or come from a good family. he is pretty loyal to his goddess though she screwed his fake niece over pretty damn bad. I am unsure what to make of this blustery character but he is a bit charming and was definitely dotting upon Medusa.

Xenia – wilting flower. This one has nerves made of cotton candy though she is quick to tell Medusa to suck it up and take it because thats whats best. I suppose that is the way of it back then. She practically freaks out over everything and that’s annoying. Update: I am happy for her though. Glad she was able to overcome the things life threw at her

The ending….i never really Sigh at an ending and want to weep [ it’s different than crying!] but this made me want to weep and smile. God the ending was so worth the trials and tribulations this couple has been through. I can’t honestly tell you how much i rooted for them but felt at a loss. I didn’t think they would ever accomplish the impossible task of being together and honestly i was scared to hope for it. The way that the author wove this made you unsure for a moment on how everything was going to play out. I was certain that i would end up ugly crying out of sheer frustration for these two. The writing was vibrant and the wording was beautiful. I mean i felt like this story sort of wrapped me up like a cool breeze and carried me along. I definitely look forward to the second book in this series.