Review: Violent Things

Violent THings

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Pages: 184
Genre: Dark, New Adult Fiction,
Stars: 2


You’re never really out until you’re dead. That’s what the mob bosses, gunrunners and car thieves of Seattle will tell you, anyway.

Zeth Mayfair, ex mafia enforcer, has other ideas. Since falling for Sloane, he’s managed to turn her life upside down. Now, he’s determined to give her a stable, happy and, most importantly, safe life. If that means he has to sleep with one eye open and one hand on a shotgun, then that’s what he’ll do.

Mason Reeves is just looking for a way to take care of his sick sister. Since their mother left, things have been hard, and they’re only getting harder. Prescription meds don’t come cheap, and working as an auto mechanic only pays so well. If he wants to give Millie the life she deserves, he’s going to have to earn it with his fists. And who better to teach him how to fight than the guy who took down the biggest gangster in Seattle?

You can try to get out…

You can try to be good…

You can steer clear of trouble…

But it’s only a matter of time before trouble comes looking for you.
*** Zeth and Sloane are back alongside a cast of new characters in the new Chaos & Ruin series ***

Violent Things is Book 1 in this, the sister series to Blood & Roses.

You can read this book if you haven’t already read the Blood & Roses series! Upon delivery of the book, you will find an in-depth synopsis of the previous series, should you wish to jump straight into Violent Things but are yet to meet Zeth Mayfair & Sloane Romera.

Of course, Violent Things will be more enjoyable if you start their journey from the very beginning. If you choose to do so, the reading order for the Blood & Roses series is as follows:


Imagine the look on my face after really looking forward to the last 45 minutes of my book and realizing that I had met the end of the book within 25 of those 45?

Okay now imagine the outrage when I kept clicking and while yes! There was an excerpt from another book by the fabulous Callie Hart, there was no more to Violent Things.

Pretty upset human being. The book just….ended. And it felt like it ended in the middle. I understand Callie writes shorts for blood and roses – I wasn’t expecting a full novel but I also wasn’t expecting 20 minutes on the back end to be anything other than the rest of the book. This abruptness is accounting for a lot of my review I think because I am really genuinely upset.

As for the rest of the book. What gives with Mason Reeves? Why did Callie give us all this warm and fuzzy Zeth and and Sloane view? Where is she going with this and why the hell is Lowell back threatening the unassuming new kid. Let’s be honest. No one knows how to handle domesticated Zeth so I am hoping that she blows the lid off the next part of chaos and ruin. I really hope that it explodes in my face and makes me wish I had stuck with domestic Zeth. I hope that I won’t be as disappointed with the next one. Honestly and sadly I was really disappointed with this. I know that it’s going to be hard to be stimulated after reading the last bit of blood and roses. I wasn’t expecting to be reading that. I was however expecting to be entertained. I was hoping for a little tease.

No. It was all warm and fuzzy. There was a little bit of intrigue and a huge cliff hanger. No dark romance read here. Is Callie Hart going soft on me?!?


Review: The Devil’s Masquerade

Title: The Devil’s Masquerade 50536038-368-k190190
Author: Nina Mason
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent
Publishing Platform
Pages: 164 Pages
Genre: Historical Romance,
Source: Amazon
Rating: 2 Stars


Out loud Thoughts:

-Please help me make it through this last half. Please.
-Oh this is getting spicy nice!
-Only an hour left. I can do it.
-These two are weird to me I don’t know what it is that make me dislike them.


Maggie (rosebud): I like her darker side and the fact that she is an undercover feminist. I say undercover because she knows she can’t be outright feminist and cause a riot or anything like that due to her station and the time period. Mistress Margaret i find to be a delight! she pushes boundaries, stands up for herself, and takes what she wants when she wants it! It is lovely to see and know that in this time especially not all women hate sex and lie there like dead fish. I do find her still really immature and i guess it’s to be expected. I think it has something to do with her “voice” in the novel. I get that she loves her husband and is desperately in love with him but the scenes between them sometimes feel so melodramatic and make me feel like i should go drowned myself in thick sugary syrup. I am glad that she is devoted, faithful and possessive when it comes to her marriage however she just comes off as a simpering chit a lot of a times and i just can’t seem to LOVE her as a character.

This guy is a freak. Talk about letting your freak flag fly…i mean he is really out there for this time. I don’t mind his sexual proclivities because he i like reading about the kinkery but i think he is a dolt. Honestly this man comes off as kind of a pansy. He goes about bowing and playing these political games but the second you look at his wife wrong its a national meltdown. I am not saying that him defending, loving his wife, and being hopelessly devoted is wrong; I am saying i just don’t like the way their interactions are written.

This guy is a complete douche. I don’t like him and neither does Robert. He is cocky, rude and a pig. I hope he gets run through with a sword. He is a plotting graceless fool who i hope gets what is coming to him. Apparently he is also a huge enemy of Robert

The King
Maggie is surrounded by girly men. As in Men who can’t seem to put their foot down and rule the country or their estate without crying about it. I am all for a man who cries but sheesh! the King needs to get his head out of his ass and realize that the people he cares about the most are the ones not only trying to de throne him but possibly kill him! what a moron.

Mrs. Crosse
Homewrecker. It’s all i could immediately think when i think of the apothecary’s daughter/wife. This chick has been fantasizing about a married man for 5 years…not one word from the man but she has been flicking her bean to him. *sighs* i don’t like her but i appreciate her negotiation skills.


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review:

I knew that it was going to be hard for me to really get into the story because i don’t particularly like the way this author writes but I didn’t expect for me to groan in despair when i realized that there would be ANOTHER one after this.

As curious as I am to see how things work out in the end I really don’t think i can read another book in this series. It not a bad book or story at all it just isn’t for me.

I was 65% of the way through the book before i didn’t feel like i was forcing myself to read BUT it took for me to be mostly done with it to get to the point of turning pages. My fiance bribed me to read at some point knowing i had two reviews due at once. This just isn’t my style and isn’t my favorite story so for others they may love this I not so much.

I just felt like the story itself dragged on and there was much more drama and less actual story. I wish it was a bit longer and maybe this way we would get more meaty bits. I felt like if the two main characters weren’t engaging in their brand of sex and and if something ridiculously bad didn’t pop up then the book fell flat. I just wasn’t really into this at all.

Review: Mr. X

Title: Mr. X  21948425

Author: Clarissa Wild

CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform

Pages: 404 Pages

Genre: Dark Romance, Romantic Suspense

Source: Amazon

Rating: 2 Stars




*Author Note: This is not your average romance story. Some people will kill for love.*
He’s come to kill me.
I’m a user and abuser of my own body. In the darkest hour I sold my soul to the devil and now I must pay the price. With his gun to my head I have no choice but to listen and obey, but I refuse to go down easily. Nothing is stronger than the will to survive. My instincts kicked into full gear the second he stepped into my motel room.
Except when I look at him I see my own heart staring back at me. A history tainted by blood.
I don’t know his name, but I know he wants me. To save myself I’ll sacrifice my sanity. My body. My soul. Something tells me the x-shaped scar that marks his eye is the only escape I have. He is Mr. X; the man who comes to claim my life. Can I save myself before he demands my heart?
WARNING: This book contains very disturbing situations, strong language, drugs and alcohol, and graphic violence.


This book…kind of blew my mind and had me shaking my head in disbelief. I am still unsure if it was a blow my mind in a good way or a bad way. i’m confused. See i felt wrong about liking this and where normally i could justify or overcome the wrong feeling it has stuck with me for a little bit. I read the part where this is a dark romance and believe me i LOVE a good dark romance but not really one that circles itself. I just feel like the story could have been a teeny bit shorter or full of more relevant details that didn’t include sex. Either way while i loved the length i was not thrilled that some parts of this book felt like they dragged on and on for NO REASON. Remember this is just my opinion. I think a big part of my disappointment with this plot was also the fact that i had just waited so long to read this book only to be let down in some places by a thin plot that lacked substance or depth. It is hard to explain why i felt let down by the dry parts but i did.

Jay is a stripper, a junkie, and a sometimes half way prostitute who apparently has blocked out a lot of her previous life. Mr . X is her captor and is keeping her alive for his own twisted reason. I don’t particularly agree with the way he keeps her captive simply because while she sometimes likes it and has a right to fear this man she seems forced to like it. I think i am hung up on that part. she wasn’t given a choice to like what happened to her. Granted MUCH later in the story you find out that her coming to like her experience isn’t a learned habit but one that was prevalent in her ‘previous’ life as well. She just seemed forced into her position and to an extent she was. Moving on to what i liked….

Mr X. He seemed more than a little off but i suppose that is to be expected given the way this man grew up and by the fact that he takes perverse pleasure in killing people and getting paid for it. I liked his strength and tenacity. He seems to be perpetually fighting himself and all that makes him soft in anyway. the only thing he has held on to for all his time is Jay. I do not agree for his over motive for revenge simply because by the middle of the book it seemed to be a moot motive. Other than his childish motive i appreciated the small ways he empowered Jay – they were miniscule compared to how he handled her in general so don’t get excited. Jay on the other hand i found to be childish throughout the whole fricking book. I felt like she could have become such a STRONG character and she just didn’t. She wasn’t my favorite. I mean i give her props for attempting to flee but she not only just succumbed to easily but she also got the whole charade confused before she went looking through X’s phone. I mean come on Jay this guy has held you captive AND used you in any way he wanted so why was it SO easy for you to just magically be ok with your situation?

I was super thrown off by the appearance of Jay’s family member and the way things worked themselves out in relation to her past with said family member and her future with said family member. That was the best part of the book for me was this scene that was written out in the open and full of blood and angst. it was also the scene where we didn’t know what was going to happen X. I was intrigued at the very very end because well the author made this a stand alone novel but left the option open for maybe a novella or something. It wasn’t a cliffhanger per se but it kept you interested to know what happens AFTER the book. I am glad i finally got to check this off my list but at the same time probably shouldn’t have hyped myself up over it.


I don’t know that i would recommend this to anyone :\