Let’s start with:

I am NOT a professional reviewer. I am an avid reader, a book lover, and an opinionated woman. I didn’t take classes to review books and frankly I didn’t do well in high school or College English. I do LOVE to read and I will read anything that tickles my fancy.

When it comes to reviewing a book there is no rhyme reason or specific intention. I will always be honest about how I feel about the book and will never intentionally attempt to hurt anyone’s feelings with what I say. I will try my very best never to post any spoilers or even delve into a plot of a book just so I do not ruin it for you; you only get one first time reading a book.

I will always, no matter what give my super duper sometimes not so cheerful but completely honest opinion on how i felt about a book. So be prepared for sometimes brutal honesty or don’t ask for me to review your book


I usually post a review a couple of days after I finish reading a book. I like to let myself marinate in the feelings and fully absorb the completed version of a book. Sometimes reading and reviewing a book may take longer. I work two jobs so bear with me a bit.

As for how long it will take me to get to your book – i don’t really know. It could be a couple of hours, a couple of days and maybe a few weeks if i get really busy. If you have a time frame you want it done by let me and we can either work something out or i can gracefully decline.

Accepted Formats:

I do not have a specific format preference; kindle format, scrolls, paperback, or hardcover.  Basically if it’s interesting I will give it a go.

What Genres do you accept?

I am open to taking a look at your book for all I know I may be interested but what the genres I usually read are:

– New Adult

– Contemporary Romance

– Erotica

– Young Adult

–  Chick Lit

–  Fantasy

–  Urban Fantasy

I am NOT fond of dystopian but i will  look at it and maybe give it a try.

I WILL NOT read:

– western

– non fiction

– poetry

– horror


What About Series?:

I try my very hardest to review books in a series in order but if i have read the first book before I started the blog chances are I will just write a review on the current book I am reading and reference the first book in the post. That being said: PLEASE do not ask for me to start reading and reviewing in the middle of your series.

What you’d normally see in a review:

– Cover Art
– Title:
– Author:
– Publisher:
– Pages:
– Genre:
– Source:
– Rating:
– Synopsis:
– Review:
– Reccomendation:

I will always try to post as many links as I can provide for a novel including but not limited to: Amazon pages, good reads pages, Author websites, author blogs, and author/book Facebook pages.  Note that all of these links will not always be guaranteed in a post.

I am still learning my ways around goodreads but I will try to post the review on goodreads and/or amazon after posting it here on the blog but it is not guaranteed.

How do I request a review from you?

Please Email: babygotstacksblog@gmail.com

Subject Line: Review Request: (Title of your book)

Make your pitch and we will see what comes of it. I will make my very best attempt to respond within 48 hours.

If I do not respond within a week chances are I couldn’t figure out a nice way to say No.


Each and every book featured on Baby Got Stacks was either given free from the publisher/author/publicist, purchased on my own, or gifted to me by friends and family. My opinions of these books are my own honest thoughts, and are in no way influenced by how we acquired them. I am not a paid bloggers, and receive no compensation or punishment for my reviews—positive or negative.

– Kayla


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