Rating System

My Rating System Broken Down


DNF – I have almost never not finished a book! This is so rare that if I put that….it’s serious.

1- This is a very STRONG dislike. The kind of dislike you show your Ex’s clothes after catching them in the act of cheating on you.

2- This is like getting a D instead of an F- It didn’t fail but it was certainly close! It could have been so good but somewhere it just flopped! It means I disliked something a lot but felt that it had potential SOMEWHERE – this is the rating i usually give when i Just don’t like the book or felt let down in some way. I don’t hate it but I will probably never think about it again.

3- This is my vanilla ice cream rating (you know? plain old vanilla – still good but not mind blowing or shocking). This is a GOOD rating. It means that i enjoyed reading it. There may not be anything that really pops and wows but it is still good.

4- This is my favorite sweater rating – I usually rate a book a 4 if it was good and if i feel a really warm fuzzy feeling of comfort and just happiness wash over me. Strangely this is my favorite rating. It means I can re-read this book over and over in most cases and it will always feel good.

5- This is my top shelf liquor rating. It means that I lovingly spent the money and it was worth every fricking penny. I probably got a bit of a book hang over and will blabber about it to my friends everytime they talk about what theyre reading. These are the books that i try not to loan out and proudly display them front and center. They are different from 6s because it didn’t set out to ruin me- the story just wined and dined me and made me happy. These books give me some sort of drug free magic that is hard to beat.

6- This is the Mango Fruit Bar of all ratings (I am really obsessed with Fruttare Mango fruit bars;they do not pay me to say that.) This blew my expectation out of the water and in some way shape or form touched my soul in either a very emotional way or just by surprising me so well that I couldn’t help but keep thinking about it. These books are the ones I will bring up as my “favorites” or randomly because they have in some way stuck with me.