Review: Three Years (Gypsy Brothers Book 5)

Three Years Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 108
Genre: Dark Romance, Adult Fiction, New Adult
Stars: 5


Every day for six years, I used to pray that I would find my way back to the boy I loved.

Until finally, one day, I did.

But that’s the funny thing about life. Nothing good ever lasts, not for me, anyway. You think you’re the one with the power, at least I did, but then I got careless. One tiny mistake, and now I am powerless to stop what comes next.

People think money equals power, but all the money in my bank account, the dirty notes laundered clean that my father left for me, are useless.

Money does not equal power. Power is held by the one with the knife in his hand, tracing shallow cuts into your skin.

Power is held by the one who owns you.

I had power once.

Now, I have nothing.

Whoa. That was hella intense! Like Im a bit stunned. Im sideline happy for juliette but so nervous. tortured, starved, and drugged yet she still perseveres. I am impressed. I mean WTH Jase?! Why couldn’t you actually TRY to find her -_- Elliott to the Rescue!!! Nice guys really do finish last let me tell you. ShEESH! There was so much emotion in this one. It was non stop from the first page and on. I couldn’t believe how much this girl went through in 3 months and is still alive to talk $hit. Honestly how much can one body take and then to find out the catch 22 on it! Dornan is a sick twisted bastard and i mean i get an eye for an eye but being repaid what was lost is just too much for my mind to bear. Sighs. I almost need a break from the series at this point to recover from it all. Seriously love this author right now and so glad that there is ANOTHER series too!


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