Review: If

IF Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 296
Genre: New Adult, Romance
Stars: 5


Someone hadn’t scarred my face.
I hadn’t followed my dreams to LA.
That tweaker hadn’t attacked that homeless guy.
I hadn’t invited a stranger over for Thanksgiving.
I hadn’t fallen in love.

If I hadn’t lost him.
I hadn’t gone for that drive.
I saw the world like everyone else.
My “genius” wasn’t slowly destroying me.
I had just walked away before I could ever know her.
She hadn’t ignited the spark.

If the spark didn’t ignite the madness.

***This is a new adult/contemporary romance. NOT erotica. Standalone novel.***


ohhhhh this book. I will be fair and say that it took me FOREVER to finish reading it. and in all honesty that I have not finished a whole book since january some time…to say i loved this book would be an understatement i simply wish that i could describe how much i enjoyed it. There was no gritty sex scenes or anxiety filled shoot outs. There was nothing that would mark it as my typical read except that it was written by Nina G Jones. THAT WOMAN KILLS ME! in all honesty i can’t even remember how i came to know of this author in particular but i do know that i love her. I may be in love with her and the way she snares you and spins a tale.
This book was simply put: beautiful. I am glad i persevered through life and finished this book because it touched me. It just touched my heart and it made me cry. It made me squeal in delight and surprise. It had me laughing out loud and begging for things to turn out ok. I had conversations and arguments for the characters that just felt so real. I appreciate when characters are relatable. i appreciate when an author can make a fictional person seem so real but sometimes it kills me that the story i am reading ISN’T real because I would have been honored know someone like Bird. I would have been graced to have a friend or to even come in contact with someone as fiercely loyal as miller and Jordan. I would have been a complete fangirl if there was a real Alana in life. God i need a fairy dance mother with an attitude like Alana. This book gave me the courage to keep reviewing, i had almost quit on reviewing and building up Baby Got Stacks. I am glad that it was my first complete book back.
Bird is beautiful even with the scars and she says something so profound to me at the end of the book that i just couldn’t help but sigh as if i had fallen in love with Bird myself. In a society SO focused on the outside appearance and superficial Bird was a breath of fresh air for me. I needed her the way she needed Asher. I think i need to read about more down to earth and not your traditional beautiful women because it does give you hope.

More about the story:
Beautiful Bird lives in a crappy part of LA with her GBFF Jordan but they are barely making things work. Bird works as a dance instructor and at a restaurant while also auditioning at the same time hoping for her big dance break. She makes a judgement call and walks home alone one night; the night she meets Asher but it isn’t a normal run into each other type of thing. I commend Bird for being so brave on so many fronts. She stands up for the things she believes in not matter how many times she gets knocked down and no matter what is said about or to her. She left everything she ever knew behind to pursue her dreams. I wish i was half as as strong and brave as Bird.
he is broody and messed up he’s not perfect but he is beautiful. the art he creates and the way he is able to see things makes him extraordinary. I loved that asher taught me so many things while reading. poor baby had so much going on and felt so many things and they aren’t beautiful they were tragic and horrible and awful. his life was perfect. he lived on the street and didn’t have anything but his family and Bird. He is broken and because of that I fell a little in love with him. Asher grew up after a while but wasn’t healed and even still he was broken. it was fantastic.

i wish i had an older brother just like miller. He is strong and supportive no matter what happens and no matter how many times that Asher snaps or his wife nags Miller stays solid and to me becomes the pillar throughout this book. He is a remarkable person and i appreciate everything he does for Ash and Bird. He is beautiful for just being loyal. If there was a picture to define loyalty it would be Millers face.

Jordan sparkles and is the perfect flamboyant gay best friend. He again is not a perfect human being at all but he is a great friend and where miller is supportive of Asher Jordan is Birds support system. He is no way shape or form backs down from her temper or her looks but he is there for her best interests no matter what. He sometimes makes the story because he is so important to Bird. He knows everything about Bird and loves her regardless of her crappy decisions and her bad attitude. Jordan is the fireworks and the bright light in Birds life before ASher and even when Bird gets a little lost in all of her feelings Jordan is still there to stand by her side and be there for her the way a best friend should. he is the epitome of best friend.

i don’t want to tell you about the actual story. I don’t want to discuss any real details on what makes this story so wonderful. i will tell you that this story is about Love persevering through all. It is about forgiveness and finding your one true love. Overcoming all odds and never letting anything as petty as your looks get in the way of your dreams. it is about loving yourself and reaching for every one of your dreams even if it does hurt. No matter what you make it through and you keep going. It was spun with tragedy, upon tragedy and uneven odds but everything worked out in the end. I loved this story so much that I have filed it under favorites so i can read it again and just bask in it. I cried with this story. it was simply beautiful and heart warming. I truly am in love with this story. every little bit of it. it was sweet.


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