Review: Any Way We Want Vol 1

23401600Links: Amazon, GoodReads
Pages: 106
Genre: LGBT Romance, Erotic Short
Stars: 4


I couldn’t have picked two men more opposing than they. One, dark-headed, slightly controlling, but intuitive. The other, all unruly copper curls, somewhat bashful, but sensual. Yet, my fall for them felt the same—hard and fast.

I never slept around or cheated, but when you’re the girl who got dumped for being too kinky–you realize and accept you are different. Somehow, someway, they had to be mine. My mind spun with what could be, and I set out to entice them with my fantasy.

Only, my plot had a twist…Royce and Shea were already lovers. Luckily for me, they liked to share.

Approximately 39,000 words

Warning: Contains a headstrong daughter of nudist, hippy parents; an Alpha with seriously protective instincts; positive representations of Aspergers Syndrome and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder; and oh, yeah, M/M; M/M/M; M/M/F; and M/F/M. Not intended for those under eighteen years of age due to explicit situations and language.


This was spicy! It was very different from what i am used to reading erotica wise being that there was plenty of sexy Male on Male and then a menage trois…Yep! A sexy thoughtful threesome at that! I actually liked this story. The chemistry between the characters is flawless and while i wish there was more meat to the story i couldn’t complain at at all with the way things were written. There were a couple of times where i was confused on who was speaking or rather which voice i was hearing but i got over that pretty easily. Surprisingly i don’t have much to say about this one. It was a page turner and i enjoyed how easily things moved along. I may not be one for their lifestyle however i understand that not everyone loves the same. These three were incredibly sexy and wonderful to read about. The only thing is idk if i am curious enough about the mystery aspect of it to read the 2nd book. This doesn’t make it a bad book at all it just makes me not motivated to read the second one.

If you love romance novels and have an open mind you should give this a shot. I thought it had the perfect balance of sweet and spicy.


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