How many of you have a TBR pile that looks like this:


Right…me too. In fact i have a whole book case and then some – In my defense It’s only a 3 shelf bookcase.  So!

I propose that we read through my TBR pile for a certain amount of time say – 90 days.


To Read through your TBR pile for 90 days.

-No Other books.

-No other review requests. Just reading what you already have for 90 days.

We start Monday (3/28/2016) then the challenge will end June 26, 2016.

download (1)

Comment If you want to do this with me?! I would love to discuss some of the hidden gems we find in our own stuff!


2 thoughts on “90 day TBR Reading Challenge

    1. I have a PILE! of books – I’ve made a small dent the last couple weeks but its a tiny dent. It’s really hard when I see some of my favorite authors offering to send me a copy for a review. There are some authors that I will just wake up in the dead of night to read for so I imagine this is going to get a wee bit difficult for me lol


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