Review: Unpaused (Final Level)


Pages: 307

Genre: Military Romance, MMA Romance,

Links: Amazon, GoodReads

Stars: 3 stars


Her memory may be gone, but her past isn’t.
Ash and Cammy have been through hell and now they’re back but on separate roads. It takes Ash hitting rock bottom before he’s determined to fight to get their love back where it belongs.
For Cammy, new friends replace forgotten ones and MMA fighting steals her heart that Ash is determined to possess a piece of again.
Ash has the plan to get her back figured out, but he didn’t plan for her forgotten past to catch up with his planned future.


Okay so – I suck. I for some reason cannot get the html to work correctly AND this is late…I’m failing at life this week it seems. Sorry H.Q. Frost – I will do better next time! Anyways…

The last few pages were totally worth it to me. I mean I wish there was more to how things went down but it wasn’t meant to be. At this point we know that Cammy has amnesia and that Ash is going even more crazy trying to make her remember her life with him at least. I found it overbearing and very presumptuous and pushy of him BUT i understood the frustration on both ends. Things get a little volatile and in true Cammy fashion – she leaves. Mature. But I get it because this girl has NO MEMORY of ANYTHING!

So while I loved the ending and the way the story was written to completely this book I was disappointed in a few ways. Ash is not only very possessive but borderline stalker and to me it is weird how his very sanity hinges on everything Cammy. It concerns me a little that things flew so fast between them – yes i understand they’ve been together their whole lives and she doesn’t remember but I just felt like things were rushed between them. It was sad to see her go through yet MORE turmoil and having to learn all over again about her family. I do appreciate that the author took a negative and made it into a positive. Cammy, who has amnesia, turned stronger and into a literal MMA fighter. I like that this issue didn’t put limitations on the character but it was a little strange to me still that while she was willing to stand up for herself that she was constantly jerked around and initially did not even TRY to find out who she was.  I would be so upset to wake up and know nothing and then to just go on and not try to figure it out was a little maddening.

Overall I enjoyed this book and the series as a whole and really appreciated the opportunity to read this.



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