Review: Cold Comfort


Pages: 250 Pages
Genre: New Adult, Contemporary Romance, Young Adult
Source: Amazon, GoodReads
Rating: 5 Stars


Hardy Somerville was Delilah Thomas’ first love. At eight years old, before she even knew what love was, she knew how it felt.
Then came music.
She’d thought at least music couldn’t hurt her. That was until it led her straight into the path of Cat Colton.
Cat promised he’d protect her, but how could he protect her from himself?

Cold Comfort is a New Adult contemporary romance with mature themes, intended for readers aged 18+


Wow….I started this story with a very blank mind and an open heart because I have had moments where i truly disagreed(though understood) with the way the author ended a story. With this story all I have to say is Bravo Ms Hart. BRAVO! This was beautiful. I loved it it the way you love an innocent child. Fiercely and gently all at once.This was the story of youthful naivety, heartbreak, standing up for good no matter how scared you are and at the end of the day staying true to yourself. This is a story that shows that GOOD things come to those who are good. This story is MUCH MUCH more than a rags to riches story. This is the nitty gritty climb upward and out of crappy situations into your dreams. This was steady paced from go and ran me through a gamut of emotions for someone i didn’t even know. Coming of age is an understatement. I seriously am holding my breath waiting for the next book. The ending was one of those endings that made me tear up and get so damn happy that i couldn’t stop smiling and feeling like i needed to burst into tears. I was so ready for delilah to burst forth and take over the world. I will wait impatiently for the next part of this story. My feelings were certainly invested and i am grateful that I somehow came upon this author.

In many ways i identified very closely with this character. I mean it is VERY hard not to sometimes shake your head at Delilah’s purity and innocence but at the same time I couldn’t help but admire her steadfastness and how willing she was to help others. I sometimes disliked her naivety BUT it suits her age. I was pretty blind to things in college too. I appreciated every fight that Isobel Hart made delilah fight. Every little thing she had to overcome. Life isn’t just a happy ending and done it hurts and sometimes it fails but we pick ourselves and keep moving. That was the point of Delilah. Except Delilah was blessed in my opinion. Eddy was there and NEVER wavered.

Usually in ANY situation with a female lead there are 2 males who fall in love with her and a lot of times they are meant to represent good and evil. In this story there were 3 males in the spotlight and I couldn’t be more thrilled! You have Cat – gorgeous, charismatic, rich, rock star Catnip who seems to make the ladies swoon and knickers fall with a wink. You have Hardy – first love and first heartbreak. It cut the deepest and set things in motion – he was never really forgotten. And then you have Eddy my personal Favorite. I wish I had an Eddy. I wish there was a platonic person in my life who would go head to head with rockstars, security, family, and millionaires for me. I have no concept of the distance between Brighton and Cambridgeshire but I do understand UK to USA. He stuck by her NO MATTER WHAT! I am in love with Eddy even if he would never look my way.

I never particularly liked Cat but I had a “Cat” in my life. He was toxic for Delilah and in a way that could have been consuming. He was controlling, possessive and sometimes verbally abusive and I hated that for her so much but it’s something that she has to go through. Hardy – well…I really hope he has a beautiful appearance in the next book. He has a lot of making up to do.


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