Review: Life on Pause (Level 1)

Pages: 397 Pages
Genre: Military Romance, Romance,
Source: Amazon, GoodReads
Rating: 5 Stars


She found love right before it was shipping off to the army and he finally admitted it ten hours before deployment. 
Two best friends, Ash and Cammy, finally come clean about their feelings for each other, but Ash is leaving for the army in the morning and neither know when he’ll be back. When Ash asks Cammy to wait for him, they make a promise that only the strongest love can withstand. Patience are tried and tested as Cammy grows into a woman Ash has never met. Convolution renders more set backs in their lives and when all seems to balance out, inexcusable hatred threatens to tear their worlds apart.



Oh…my…god! Seriously!!LK! d;lkSJH LGJSD?! I got to the end and about threw my kindle across the building. I was so upset!!! THAT’S HOW IT ENDS!!!  Ok i seriously was upset with the way this book ended. Not only was it the huge-est cliffhanger i even voluntarily jumped off of but there is no promise of an end. I’m stuck wondering what happens to Irene, Eric and Rose. I NEED resolution! Be warned this isn’t a stand alone – i’m not mad about it NOT being a stand alone I just wish this didn’t have to end.

Listen, this book is great. Like I genuinely enjoyed this book. It was realistic with its relationships and characters. The amount of tragedy this girl goes through is staggering – I kept telling her to stay down! Cammy White is a boss bitch for even surviving! I’m stunned. The author did a good job of making SURE that i would be purchasing the next book just to see how Cammy White plows through life. I’m sitting at work like NEXT PLEASE! I can’t wait.

I truly loved how this author weaved this story. There was maybe 2 times in this whole book where i had to stop and was like – why was that even brought up? How weird to just throw that in there!!! IT MAKES SENSE! I PROMISE IT MAKES SENSE! KEEP READING! I couldn’t wait to finish this and ended up reading while at work. I mean the last 2hrs of this book had me trying to read and comprehend faster because I needed to know what was next. I thought i signed up for another tied up with a pretty bow romance novel but this is that plus thriller suspense murder mystery. Stalkers, abusive parents, killers, unplanned pregnancies, love triangles, PTSD, trauma and so much love. There was so much happening in this story and I LOVED it. I thrived off the heftiness of this novel because I needed something that was going to last longer than 100 pages and that just had more body. This had plenty of thickness! It was great! I will tell you that there isn’t a lack of sexy time but there simply wasn’t a direct focus on it. Like please don’t pick this up and expect a prono because youre  not going to get it. Were there probably some mistakes and/or plot holes? Sure, maybe! But i was too busy enjoying what i was reading to even pick them out and highlight them.

Let me get down to it –

Cammy sucks at communicating. I mean REALLY sucks at communicating. It makes her annoying how much she jumps to conclusions however I’ve done this for a large part of my life so i just understood her instead of hating her. She is such a private person that no one even knows how she really feels. She’s curvy, mouthy, inked up and rides a motorcycle -basically she’s who i wanted to be in college. I love her except she’s callous to other people’s feelings and incredibly insecure in herself.

Ash is kind of  crazy person (in my opinion) I mean i get it he has his own issues too but he is SO SO Supportive and it’s endearing and suffocating. I think he is bossy and domineering however it works for cammys secretly fragile nature

Jess is the best- I had a best friend like jess and honestly i felt as though Jess was more of a sister to her than Rose and that makes sense considering that Rose practically raised the girl

Speaking of Rose – she wasn’t my favorite but I did feel bad for her. Like she tried so hard to be there for Cammy and Cammy just rejected her and was completely insensitive to her a lot of times. I DO WISH! that i had been there to see their conversation. I would have loved to be privy to that gem of a conversation. I will admit that Rose and Mr A kind of threw me off. By kind of I mean really threw me off because I just couldn’t wrap my head around it either. How could you NOT see where ashford and cammy were headed? I don’t know i’m glad Rose and Mr A chose happiness but it still was a pretty awkward situation.

Mr A – well from the little i know this guy is a wuss. He hid when his child needed him and in my opinion can never be truly redeemed but I have daddy issues so don’t listen to me. I just wish that I had heard more positive from him – he always seems to be a little clueless in general and i really dislike that in people.

There are a handful of other people scattered throughout the story that are significant but i chose to not get into it because otherwise i would start spilling out my guts on the story. SO! on that note – I really hope jess makes babies with danny and that Holt gets a cock debilitating std 🙂



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