Personal Post: The Bride Wore White….NOT

The Bride – me – doesn’t have an issue with tradition. In fact! I find that I more often than not crave tradition but there are just sometimes when those traditions do not suit me. For instance this whole dress thing…who dictated I need to wear a stupid fluffy dress and why? Why must it be white? And why in the world are they so expensive!! As you can see I was not in any way thrilled about wearing the monstrosities that are wedding dresses these days. I could not bring myself to openly spend several hundreds, in some cases thousands, of dollars on a dress that I would only wear for a few hours. A dress that would give me anxiety because its sparkling white and omg don’t touch it! I can’t keep anything clean!!!!!! I wanted something I would feel beautiful in and this traditional white dress thing WAS NOT it.

So after maybe the 9th or 10th dress that I said I could live with and after a ride home spent crying my eyeballs out because I hated everything i tried on and nothing felt wonderful or made me feel beautiful or even remotely felt like “the one” – we received a well timed phone call from Lenny’s brother Q. Now listen, I know I am a bit difficult to accept because I can be so…different so what his brother said resonated and made me feel so much better. Q said if we wanted to tie the knot in swimsuits and floaties it was our choice and whatever made us happy. If i wanted to go in Jeans and a Tshirt that was fine too just as long as the decision I made was my own and made me happy because the day was about being happy. So I pulled my face out the pillow because i was looking a little like Lilo, sat up, and said “he doesn’t even HAVE to be that nice or say that for me”
Oh believe me, I understand that my family has a special sort of acceptance for me and that they say things sometimes to make sure I don’t feel like an odd duck but Q didn’t actually HAVE to say something like that and because of that I shrugged off the need to “color in the lines” and stay traditional.
Huge Dress? NOPE!!!!! White Dress? Nah!!! something beaded and blingy? Not a chance! The Bride will wear Red. Not your a burgundy or wine color red but RED. Like Firetrucks, cherry popsicles and that perfect shade of red lipstick. A simple unadorned red dress and I couldn’t be happier. I pretty much bounced up and down when i found it and fell instantly in love. I daydream about my dress now and I am over the moon shopping for the little things that will make it glamorous and memorable.

Before I found this dress I wasn’t going to wear a veil – WELL I AM NOW!!! I wasn’t going to wear heels -Pffft!!! My Dress deserves heels damn it! I am more than happy with my choice in dress now and I understand that moment that brides get when they find that perfect white confection of a dress. It just wasn’t my slice of cake.

So thank you to my future brother in law for knowing the right thing to say and most especially thank you to my Future Husband for his infinite patience. I don’t know any other guy that would spend the time to go dress shopping with me (also not traditional) or zip up dresses and fight with corset backs just to make me feel better and enjoy myself. I don’t know how many times he convinced me to come out of the dressing room or made me laugh when i was too busy sitting on the floor in my dressing room crying. For me – dress shopping with Lenny was the most intimate part of our wedding planning and I wouldn’t trade those memories for an endless wedding fund.


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