Review: Adam (of the Archers Book#1)


ADAM (of the Archers, Book 1) by Lena Bourne is a full length, standalone contemporary military romance available now from Amazon.



One week spent together in a secluded cabin. Two people running from their pasts. Can a chance encounter lead to love? Or is it just a moment in time, insignificant once it passes?

Taylor has just returned from a romantic vacation with her boyfriend. But instead of an “I miss you!” text from him, she gets one that’s clearly meant for another woman. Which is the only reason she lets a hot stranger kiss her on the sidewalk. It’s the one and only time they’ll ever see each other, so why not?

Adam is used to living life on his own terms, from leaving home at 16 to join the military, to returning now, eight years later, to take care of his mother. After that, he’s packing up and leaving again. The last thing he planned on was falling in love with a girl at first sight. But there she was, and now Taylor’s all he can think of.

They may be perfect for each other, but they both have pasts that will not stay buried, no matter how much they want them to. And when Adam’s dark past comes crashing between them, one week seems like a very short time. Even if it is a week of love, pleasure, and belonging like neither of them has known before.

Genre: BBW Romance, Military romance, New Adult Romance






This was a really easy page flipping read. At first it was hard for me to start but once I did I had a pretty easy time of just ambling at a nice pace through the pages. It’s going to sound bad when i say this but I LOVE how realistic Adam is. Hes *ucked up but he knows it. He knows he has issues and he tries so hard to reign them in and keep it under control. I enjoyed his development especially because I have a lot of military men in my life as it is so i related well to him. As for Taylor well, I hope that we get to see more of her because I don’t think she is done growing. I didn’t really like her and couldn’t put my finger on it until Henry shows up and then it hit me! I was just as obedient and self deprecating for the longest time. I’m a pretty chunky size 18 except it took me a long time to accept myself. Taylor had some pretty similar self issues and you can see the struggle she goes through trying to NOT put herself down. I appreciated this point of view from the author because it is so hard to really show this issue without over blowing the situation.

Now, I liked this story and it was sweet but i felt like the ending was just too abrupt. It went from yes were back together straight to 3 months later at the hearing and I just wish that maybe there was either more or that it had ended in front of the diner and picked up in another book. I get it cliffhangers happen and they don’t upset me like some however I was just confused when this ending came around. I definitely thought there was more story coming my way but there wasn’t!

I wasn’t really upset by this because I understand Authors are human too; If i liked the story less then i honestly probably wouldn’t be as nice about this but the story was good but the way it was written could be confusing at times. There would be some really choppy sentences and spelling errors that would make me double or triple take what I had just read. For me this isn’t a deal breaker this time around but it did make some scenes more confusing and harder to read. I really hope the second one is edited a bit more just to make my luxurious page turning easier.

Overall I enjoyed the book and would read the next one in the series out of just plain old curiosity and because I LOVE to see an author grow in their writing as well as reading about the characters.

Stars: 2.5

Meet the Author:


Lena Bourne writes stories about independent and smart women who mean everything to the strong men they love. If you’re looking for deep emotions, hot bedroom scenes, and some suspense thrown in, look no further than her books.

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