Title: Compromise Agreement  compromise agreement
Author: Isobel Hart
Pages: 384 Pages
Genre: contemporary romance, Romance
Source: Amazon, GoodReads
Rating: 5 Stars

When life places you a breath away from sleeping in doorways what would you be willing to do? As Natasha Watts and Sophia Riley watch their lives crumble in front of their eyes, Matthew Faulkner offers the best friends a lifeline. Fascinated and terrified in equal measure by the man, Natasha must decide if the benefits outweigh the risks… if she is willing to compromise and risk being compromised. And if she does? What will be left when it is all over?


So i kindly received a hard copy of this from Ms Hart herself in exchange for an honest review. I ALSO bought the kindle version as well because I forgot the book at home and NEEDED to finish reading it on my lunch break so….yea i LOVED it. On a side note: I’m sorry it took so long for this review to go up. I’ve had it saved forever and because of the computer problems I was having never posted it.

First things first!!!! The COVER!!! IS PERFECT!! Once you get into the story it isn’t long before you realize that the cover goes along with the story completely and in a very big way. I LOVE THAT. Second…please have someone on standby to fan you off or hose you down when you get to the nitty gritty. Matthew Faulkner is a control freak and sometimes i find myself wanting to just irritate him on purpose BUT Natasha does a fine job of that. Now NORMALLY i find that the female lead happens to acquiesce to most of what the control freak wants. She just bows her head and complies however Natasha is different. She is ballsy, doesn’t mind working hard for her bread, and is loyal to herself. I think this is so very important with a character or even a person. Loyalty to one’s self. I love Natasha for that. She doesn’t give up her band tees for this obviously powerful and controlling man. She doesn’t lose herself or get lost in this man. Yes every once in awhile she’s losing some sense but I mean we are talking about Matthew Fucking Faulkner here. He practically owns all of London and France with his bars. He is our typical “Cinderella”, rags to riches story BUT even after clawing his way from the bottom he is still a bit twisted. Together though these two are like the perfect cocktail; sexy, intoxicating, sometimes overwhelming and addicting.

OK so I run into this problem pretty much anytime i love a novel. I wish i could blab to death about it just to talk about it. I can’t though. This book is definitely worth the read!!!! Definitely worth finding out the twists and turns on your own! I mean come on… Matthew Fucking Faulkner is definitely worth getting to know one delicious page at a time. I WILL divulge that my favorite part of the WHOLE BOOK were the last 2 chapters. 🙂 Natasha became my favorite woman in the world Yesterday! She was my #WCW because she kicked some serious ass standing up for herself. The last 7 pages…I think i broke my own face smiling as hard as i was. I didn’t know what she was gonna do and then she made a decision and I couldn’t stop smiling. I was so freaking happy! I mean i would have been happy no matter what she chose but i mean…talk about perfect ending conversation. Balls…I still think I’m a little high off the story. EVERYONE SHOULD READ THIS!!!!!


Ok but to be honest if you don’t like seriously controlling men being put in their place occasionally, followed by super hot and sexy sex scenes and plenty of arguing, some manipulation, cursing, bickering besties or tiny feisty poker sharks please don’t read this and just move on because this is a great book and if you KNOW you’re not gonna like it. don’t read it however if all of the above interest or entice you in any way READ IT!!! NOW!!!


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