Saltwater Skin (Breaking in Waves 3)

Detail of female hands tied up with rope
Author: Laila Blake
Publisher: Lilt Literary
Pages: 111 pages
Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Romantic Erotica
Source: Amazon
Rating:5 Stars


In this last installment in the Breaking in Wave trilogy, Paul takes the helm and narrates the story of how he and Iris move in together. Two decades of a bachelor’s lifestyle are not easy to merge into a life together, and Paul goes on a journey of embracing Iris in his seaside world.

Saltwater Skin is a 37.000 words erotic novella, covering adult themes and bdsm. It is the third installment in the Breaking in Waves trilogy.


At the end of this all you could get out of me was a lovesick sigh. something like this:


God I am in LOVE with PAUL! IN. LOVE. My boyfriend is aware so it’s ok. Paul seriously makes me dreamy and gooey. I love the way that this book was more of his musings and learning to become one mind, body, and soul with Iris. THIS WAS A LOVE STORY! There was compromise and uncertainty. There was glorious freeing pain and unimagineable joy. There were moments of contentment and true happiness. I am simply destroyed with the happy feelings in this book. Granted they aren’t typical gave you flowers feelings these are deep and dark tinted feelings rooted in kinkery. May all the Gods of passion bless this kinkery!!!!
I teared up towards the end of this. I was so sad to see these two go but I was so so happy that the author wrote them such an appropriate ending. I think I needed it as much as the characters deserved it.

This last book tied up all the loose ends, which is really important to me, but also added a softness to their relationship and our relationship as reader and story. obviously i can’t stop gushing about the book and yes i was pretty invested in the characters but for an author to write something so moving that i wept with joy instead of pain is simply remarkable and i am really thankful i was given the chance to read this. Laila Blake has not only gone above and beyond in giving you a glimpse into a bdsm relationship but she wrote something that was equally sexy and sweet.

Out of the Series this was by far my FAVORITE book. I seriously enjoyed that it was mostly from Pauls point of view. For some reason when Paul says something i stop and take note of what it is and i pay super close attention so i dont miss it. hes not even a living breathing person yet he commands my attention like none other! *sighs* i know i said it already but i am sad to see these two go. 5 stars and 3 cheers for Laila Blake and her magnificent work of art!


Yes please! but don’t forget to read the first two!


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