Review: Sands Through the Hourglass

Title: Sands Through the Hourglass 22595936
Author:  T.M. Schaefer
Publisher: CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 1 edition (October 18, 2014)
Pages: 258 Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source: Amazon, GoodReads
Rating: 4  Stars


42 year old Imagineer Gilly Whitesmith has no idea what awaits her when she arrives to work late one day. A run-of-the-mill encounter with a devastatingly handsome gentlemen catches her off guard, but she never thought she would find Conrad Smith—a confident, 49 year old gentleman who knows exactly who he is and what he wants. Past scars and future plans should hinder Gilly, and yet she can’t control the overwhelming desire that he stirs in her. She knows that her heart will never survive him and her instinct is telling her to run, but Conrad is not willing to let her go. He wants her and is determined to have her. Come along as we discover if their love triumphs through tragedy…


I was given this book in exchange for an honest review. I enjoyed this story. I appreciated in every way that this was about an older couple who have already been through their share of things in life. Both widowed and in tragic ways at that. I loved that Gilly is a curvaceous older woman who works in a wonderful job and takes care of herself and her kids. I love that Conrad was the same way in a lot of ways though at some point I just felt that he was too good to be true and very obviously fictional. Its not that I did not like Conrad or his methods of persuasion, it’s just that I did not like how EASY it was for him on everything. I really appreciated the fact that the couple waited until they had completely committed to each other before becoming intimate however it just seemed really whirlwind.

One of the main things I did not like about this was the way it was written. I loved the story don’t get me wrong but I feel like the way it was written not only made the story drag on but ended up almost making me quit reading most times. It was like Gilly was your BFF and was telling you how hot this guy is one minute then it went back into 1st person for a little bit then Conrad would try to interact with me. It is not meant as any offense towards the author at all but this type of writing just didn’t really catch my attention.

I also felt like Jon’s story sort of came out of left field in that we barely knew both Cassie and Jon and then they have life changing news followed by Jon going through such a horribly traumatic situation and Cassie leaving. I mean for me it felt like a side story added on to the main story like a skin tag. I get that it added a dynamic to Gilly and Conrad’s relationship and showcases the weakness and strength in their foundation but I think that section of the story could have been handled a little better. I can’t complain though since it did not necessarily take away from the story; I just don’t think it added anything either.

This was a wonderfully sweet story about finding great love twice in a lifetime and even when you feel old and unavailable. There are so many wonderful points in this story. I love the woman’s shoes for one. I can’t help but love the fact that Conrad is enthralled with her shoes as well. It simply tickles me. I like how playful they are in their relationship as well. It’s not like they are old and dried up but like they are internally young forever. It is a different and lovely take on getting older. They have decided they are experienced but not burdened by their age and why should they be!? They both are hot!

I really and truly appreciated the fact that the author chose to include so many topics that are sort of considered taboo or risqué in a way. Lesbian children, menopause, older couples and love, cancer, alcoholism, suicide, pregnant teenagers, and deportation just to name the BIG ones. I like moxie and this author certainly has that in spades. She introduces a silver fox with charm and problems and then ALLLLLLL of these wonderful issues that will also be resolved by the end of the book. I think that’s the best thing about standalone novels as well. I get a clear and solid ending that ties up loose ends and leaves me without a doubt satisfied.


 I would recommend this book to someone who doesnt have issues with Point of view changes. I loved the story and am super grateful that I was given the opportunity to read it. it was a wonderful afternoon read for me.

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