I Promise. I will be back soon. I am itching to come back..I am considering just using my facebook page to promote the blog…I think I can gladly and happily manage one at a time but not both and frankly I choose my blog. ūüėÄ I do promise I am coming back.

IF Anything!!!! ¬†Nina G Jones would be the one to drag me out of my slump and get me¬†to sign up for her next WIP. I am of course EXCITED AS ALL HELL!!! Personally I think I need to change a few things up and that’s ok. I have some time but I just didn’t know if i wanted to come back because for me¬†blogging is tied up¬†emotionally in my feelings for someone else and sometimes it can be hard for me to blog without thinking of them…you know unrequited love and unanswered questions. *shrugs* Blogging is a better way to reminisce than the odd drunk text am i right?!