Title:  Charles (Darkness #8)

25556292Author:  K.F. Breene

Publisher: Hazy Dawn Press, Inc. (May 16, 2015)

Pages: 144 Pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Contemporary Romance

Source: Amazon, Goodreads 

Rating: 5 Stars


Charles is a guy that likes to play the field. He’s highly sought after in the Mansion, both for his prowess, and his position. He’s content to stay the playboy for life, too, steeped in the culture in which he was raised.

That is, until he finds himself on a mission with Ann, trying to figure out why shifters are mysteriously going missing. Suddenly things that were so clear cut, get muddled.

When Ann succumbs to the danger that is plaguing her kind, all bets are off.


So….I certainly aggressively tapped my screen hoping that there was a more to this book only to sadly find out that there wasnt. I am sad to see the series end but hey i get it, most good things come to an end. Now lets talk about the book: 

Other than it feeling like it was too short I absolutely LOVED this book. I loved everything about it. We get a glimpse at Sasha and Stefan one last time. We hear the outcome of Paulie, His gang and his woman. We get to see how Jonas ended up and his more caring side, though it isnt exactly considered soft but it is still a delight to see the miniscule changes in him since book one. Last but not least K.F. Breene gives us this golden little nugget full of laughs, angst, and of course full of loyalty and love. I mean it was about time Charles grew up all the way and I am glad it was with Ann. I have been waiting for those two to hook up since Ann was introduced and they started bickering.

I was pretty surprised about how the story actually went, meaning I didn’t expect KF Breene to take it in the direction that she did but i am glad that she did. There was a wicked amount of movement and action with the typical blow shit up scenes and alpha male tarzan saves jane but it was so different with Charles at the front and ready to tear things apart. In this one Stefan wasn’t the one leading the charge and for once Jonas was all silent and steely support. Other than the action…the blood exchange in this one…was hot…it completely threw me off and honestly had me fanning my face a bit. It was just earthy and almost scandalous in such a  good way. Let me just say that when Ann and Charles actually get down to business I am more than impressed and I wasn’t even there!

I wasn’t expecting everything to work out and be dandy between Stefan’s people and the shifters. I suppose that is really just my fault since I have read the series since book one but i just really enjoyed this book. TIt had nothing to do with it being bittersweet since its the last one but for me i think it had a lot to do with how light it was. I dont know really. I was just satisfied with this book as both the Charles book alone and as the end of the series. I was truly thrilled that I had stuck it out through the ups and downs of this series because at the end it was looking back at fond memories with well loved friends.

I just never thought charles would settle down and then he did but he did so in the midst of battle, guys, he had some miracle grow and had an insta-grown up moment where he stormed the castle and took his woman back and whisked her away to safety AND THEN BLEW SHIT UP! sighs…Charles definitely pulls the romantic out of me on a bad day. He is sweet, funny, hawt, super romantic, knows women and knits. He genuinely cares about his “pack” and would move the earth if he could or had to for them.

I thought that Jonas was the end of the series but this, this was perfect and I must say K.F Breene. Thank you. Thank you so much for giving us the ending we so desperately wanted. It was like you tied a cute little bow on top of this story and sent a hug to each reader. It was a great journey and for me this was the best story.


 HELL YES! If you made it all the way up to Jonas DO IT! PLEASE DO IT! IF YOU HAVENT?! what are you thinking? Go read this series! Book #1 is Free on Amazon Still

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