Book Riot Mail Bag Giveaway: January, 2015

I know I have missed it the last few months but here it is!!


Book Riot Mailbag Giveaway!!


These are the books they are giving away this month!


  • Every month Book Riot is generous enough to give away a box of books to one lucky person.
  • Every month like clockwork I sign myself, my boyfriend, my family, and my friends up for this box of wonderful happiness.
  • Have I won anything? No but the possibility of winning excites me so MUCH that I am never really discouraged from trying again.
  • What about Spam? Don’t worry your pretty little head about it!!! You send your entry you get a confirmation email and that’s it. No, really that’s it!



Here’s What You DO:

1. click the link below:

Book Riot Mail Giveaway Link

2. Scroll down some and enter your name, email address, and address BEFORE 11:59pm Eastern, Sunday, January 11th

3. Receive your confirmation Email and then wait patiently or impatiently or even just forget about it.




P.S – This giveaway IS international as well…in case you needed to know.

**I am not associated in anyway with Book Riot themselves; 
I’m just a happy follower of their blog.

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