Jonas (Darkness #7)

Title: Jonas (Darkness #7) 23479701

Author: K.F. Breene

Publisher: K.F. Breene

Pages:  133 Pages

Genre: Urban Fantasy, Fantasy

Source: Amazon, GoodReads

Rating: 4 Stars



Seventh Book in the Bestselling Series

Jonas isn’t the kind of guy to submit to the expectations of others, even when his life is on the line. So when he wakes up in the cell of a dungeon with torture devices hanging on the wall, he can only think one thing: this should be fun. What he didn’t expect, however, is the beautiful but broken female pitting herself against his resolve. For once, the pain of his past is shallow in comparison to another, and he wants nothing more than to extinguish her pain.

When Sasha realizes one of her own has been taken, the gloves come off. Using her ever-expanding resources of both human and non-human magic workers, she sets out to battle the most advanced, most experienced magic worker in the world. Regardless of being completely outmatched, Sasha and Stefan rush to Jonas’ aid.


I loved that this was a super quick read infused with BOTH action AND romance. There were moments that were so fraught with despair and action that i had to stop reading for a few seconds to let it sink in. I kept reading so fast that id go back and read again just to be sure that i got it all. I was so happy to learn more about Jonas that i gobbled this up. I was very happy that Jonas found his balance in Emmy.

It distressed me to learn about Emmy’s past and life but once things worked out all was well. There was a point with Emmy and Jonas that i found unbelievable and hard to get past but the story itself was enjoyable. It was nice to have the family aspect brought home when Sasha was ready to take down the world to find Jonas. I hated the loss that we saw and felt in this installment but with war comes loss and in the end things ended up well balanced. This book was about balance in general. We find out more about the faction that not only tried to harm Sasha and the babies in the last book but also about their motivation and about the driving force behind them.

I was worried that the author wouldn’t be able to wrap up the series in a way that would be satisfying to me as a reader but she did a great job in making sure that the loose ends were taken care of. I appreciated that more than anyone could ever know…now in the future if there was ever maybe a book about Charles and Ann i would appreciate it but over all things certainly worked themselves out which made for the perfect ending.

The best part for me was when we got to see magic from Sasha’s point of view. She has a way of just understanding it that comes naturally to her but is very difficult for others. It was wonderful how detailed this scene was and I was completely immersed in the very description of what the other mage’s magic looked like. I kind of wished for her sake that the new mage and her would have had a few teaching moments together but it just wasn’t meant to be. The part I wasn’t in love with was Emmy and Jonas climactic moment. I just felt as though with someone of her very dark past that this scene would have been much more harder for her to execute or at least approached with more trepidation than it was. I felt that this was a delicate matter that should have been handled with more feeling and finesse but it wasn’t. *shrug*


If you have stuck with the series thus far you absolutely MUST read this book. If you have not read the other books this wouldn’t make much sense.

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