Getting Dirty

Title:  Getting Dirty d40da7a6958e5afc89e50b9b96606677

Author: Cheryl McIntyre

Publisher: Cheryl McIntyre

Pages:  Pages

Genre: New Adult, Dark

Source: Amazon, Goodreads

Rating:  2 Stars



Three. This is my number. It’s the exact sum of reasons I continue to go on.

One: To strengthen my body. Make it strong. Make it a machine. Make it so that what happened before can never, ever, happen again.

Two: To help others find their own strength so that what happened to me, what happened to my Olivia, doesn’t happen to them.

And three: My favorite—to find the bastards that took my life away and make them pay for what they did.

This is what my life is now. A dead man, inside a scarred body, living only for revenge.

*This is part one in a five-part novella series.

**Due to sexual situations and violence, this series is recommended for 18+.


I have mixed feelings about this one. It certainly hooked you in and dragged you through the turmoil of the story and that was good but it was like a Disney movie almost. There was a small tiny bit of happiness at the beginning then BAM! BOOM! POW! Tragedy. Overwhelming sadness and anger. The story wasn’t long enough to make me want to buy the second installment of the series. There wasn’t necessarily anything wrong with this book but I wasn’t waking my boyfriend up in the middle of the night to have him buy it for me when i hit the end of this book. This wasn’t so much graphic as it was just filled with tension and a very heart crushing opening scene. I felt at some point that the story split off into two smaller stories and it made it hard for me to want to keep reading.

There is potential for a great story but frankly i didn’t want to keep up with another series with too short installments to see how it turned out. I think there is room to streamline the plot without making to feel like there are two stories being told at once from two completely unrelated point of views. It didn’t help that the story was so short either because right when those two character point of views COULD have merged the story ended. Unfortunately I am uninterested in following through on this series and don’t foresee myself attempting the second book.


I’m sorry but if someone asked me for a suggestion this one wouldn’t even cross my mind.

Side Note:

You may actually be hearing about the rest of the the stories in the series. I got the boxed set for $0.99 on black Friday. I will say that I will probably review it as one long novel if the remaining installments are as short as this first one.


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