Your Wish, My Command

51ApmeS3M-LTitle: Your Wish, My Command

Author: Ana Munroe

Publisher: Self Published

Pages: 40 Pages

Genre: Erotic Novella, BBW Witch romance

Source: Amazon

Rating: 2 Stars




Can a bad genie teach Bianca to break through her insecurities to claim her power both as woman and as a witch?Bianca McClure is stunned when her Aunt Desmonda bequeaths her with a fortune along with a mystery genie. A kitchen witch turned student, Bianca has reached her residency at The Ellington School of Magick and is about to enter her practicum to take on individual cases. The only thing that stands between Bianca testing her newly learned magickal powers and passing her classes is one very naughty genie.Gideon, a wickedly handsome genie, has brought a new definition to the master/genie relationship. Operating on orders from his previous owner, Desmonda, Gideon uses his own powers to bypass Bianca’s commands in order to teach her some very private and exceptionally necessary lessons.

Your Wish, My Command is a scorchingly hot 12,000 word BBW Witch romance. Strong sexual themes abound and it is intended for mature audiences.


This book…Short Story…novella…whatever flopped for me. Where to start – OoOok so the story just jumps off and it feels like maybe i jumped right into the middle of a book. There is no easing, there is no intro, there is no background until later on. The story just pops off and there are already some serious emotions going on which is good but I am struggling to catch up. Then all of a sudden you’re getting read the last will and testament of Bianca’s grandmother? or Aunt? I can’t even recall. We are introduced to her seriously dysfunctional family and Bianca is blessed with all this stuff including a genie. Not an ordinary genie though. I don’t want to ruin the story so I wont get into details but needless to say some serious sexy time happens and then all of a sudden Bianca is “cured” of all of her insecurities and now she’s brilliant. Let me just tell you, insecurities don’t clear up over night – it just doesn’t work that way.

Another thing that kind of made me want to put this down was that there was a few spots where the wording was off or the sentence didn’t really make sense and i had to do a double take to make sure that i was even reading correctly – when i found out i was not mistaken i sort of would just take a deep breath and keep reading. It wasn’t a difficult read and this wasn’t riddled with errors but there were some spots that would send a grammar nazi into a seizure.

I am not trying to be harsh and mean.The author had a great opportunity to make this into a fantastic story – it was sweet and I loved that the character isn’t the normal thin fit girl. I also liked this new spin on the rules of a genie and how he wasn’t a puff of smoke but real physical man as well but this just wasn’t my cup of tea. I think with a little editing, proof reading and maybe an extra 20 pages this could be an awesome read


 I understand that this was a short story but there simply just wasn’t enough to get me to pay to read the second one :\ i hate to say things like that but i just don’t see myself even recommending this first one either. I would be super upset if I had paid anymore than $0.99.

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