Betrayal (The Divine Book 2)


Title: Betrayal (The Divine Book 2)

Author: M.R. Forbes

Publisher: Quirky Algorithms

Pages: 335 Pages

Genre: Fantasy, Urban Fantasy

Source: Amazon, Goodreads

Rating: 5 Stars



My name is Landon Hamilton.

I’m a ghost.

I died five years ago, except I didn’t get to rest in peace like most of the departed. Instead, I was tapped by Dante (yes, that Dante) in Purgatory to become his champion and save humankind from the rest of the Divine – you know, angels and demons and their mortal followers.

It seemed like a great deal at the time. I would answer my calling as a diuscrucis (a perfect balance of angel, demon, and human) by getting sent back to the mortal world, inheriting the ‘magic’ to bend the universe to my will, and saving humanity from devastation.

Hindsight… it sucks.

Yeah, I saved the world; but my vampire almost-girlfriend, Rebecca, stabbed me in the back (literally), I was forced to kill my angel best-friend, Josette, I’ve got a snarky werewolf taking up residence in my soul, and to be honest, I’m getting tired of the whole damn thing.

I don’t eat, don’t sleep, and barely feel. I’ve become obsessed with the Demon Queen’s warning, and the only thing keeping me hanging onto any shred of my humanity is Josette’s daughter Sarah.

Except… now she’s gone.

She was taken right out from under my nose, and I don’t know by who or for what purpose. What I do know is that I’ll do whatever it takes to get her back, and there isn’t an angel, demon, or god that can stop me.

It’s a good thing I’ve still got my anger.


That was intense. There was SO MUCH going on at and it was fast! All i could do was read as fast as i could to keep up and keep clicking next page! M.R. Forbes wow! Landon Hamilton has once again managed to stay alive and keep things interesting Interesting is an understatement….More like Mind Blowing.  
This was certainly a heavier read for me. As in the 1st book there is a war going between heaven and hell and Landon is there to keep the balance. Little does anyone know that there is a secret war going on and Landon, of course, is clueless until he almost ends himself. The author brings back characters from the first book  and also develops them but develops them well. Landon, his souls, Sarah, Charis, and Izak feature prominently in this installment. We learn some very surprising and interesting things about all characters. I love that the author constantly bring the title and purpose of the FIRST novel back into the second. It is clear that you cannot read one book without the other. 
I did find myself a little lost simply because it has been a very long time since i read book one but it didn’t take long to catch up. I was grateful that there was an invisible time gap between the books that the author chose to fill in for us. The back of the book does not do the story itself any justice. There is so much excitement and action going on that i would think it is hard to contain within  335 pages. The writing was easy to follow and made it 10 times easier to read. I experienced no confusion while reading and was not forced to double back and re read at any point in the book. This made the story even more enjoyable because i didn’t have to stop at anytime.  I will say that at first it was very hard to get into this book simply because i was bogged down with so much info and ALSO i couldn’t really remember the details of the 1st book.
The story…the good bits are IN THE DETAILS pay attention because like any good mystery later on the details WILL trip you up. I know that a couple of times i had my mouth hanging open like NO WAY! It was the best parts of the book. Unravelling some of the plot that was thrown at you in the first book. This second book feels more like a build up by the end of it. I finished reading and I seriously considered 1. not reading another book in the series or 2. Immediately diving head first into the next book.  I say that this book is a build up because I KNOW there is going ot be a seriously epic battle scene that will leave me breathless. There absolutely has to be with the revelation of a new enemy. 
I wish I was one of those people open and willing to discuss and pick apart a juicy plot but i can’t :\  I want to so bad but i just cant. I will say that a lot of the characters will surprise you with their actions. The story simply tossed my world upside down in such a jaw dropping way.  I know i mentioned  that i had two options when approaching this series but for me it is so different from the usual smut that i read, i know i will absolutely read the 3rd one even if it is to just give me a break from the usual.  


YES! YES! YES! YES!!!!! READ THIS NOW…ok…before i get too excited…read book one and then book 2! here is the like for Book 1: Balance (The Divine Series Book 1)



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