How to Marry a Matador

n415378Title: How to Marry a Matador

Author: Ginny Baird

Publisher:  Winter Wedding Press

Pages:  188 Pages

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Source: Amazon

Rating: 3 Stars




Fernando Garcia de la Vega runs a telecommunications firm poised for a US takeover. What Fernando doesn’t expect, is its beautiful International Division head also capturing his heart. Descended from a long line of bullfighters, Fernando stands to inherit the family’s lucrative estate, if he meets the criteria in his grandfather’s will and marries by age thirty-two. Yet, a marriage of convenience was something Fernando was loathe to consider… until now. When the fates conspire to put the right woman in the right place — at the right time, how can Fernando deny his destiny? His only problem lies in convincing Jessica to remain his bride.

Fernando sighed, worry lines creasing his brow. “You’re terribly angry with me, aren’t you?”

“It takes two to tango, Fernando. I’m not saying all of this is your fault. I played a part in what happened yesterday too.”
He turned toward her with a penetrating look. “That’s what I don’t understand. Why did you?”
Jess felt a lurch of emotion as he dissected her with his earnest green gaze. “I…don’t know.”
He leaned toward her with a husky whisper. “Oh, but I think you do.”
He drew nearer, his mouth hovering over hers. Jess cursed herself for so badly wanting his kiss. His kisses had been so tantalizing last night, they’d made her lose all sense of reason. And it wasn’t just the way he’d held her. When he’d looked deep in her eyes and said that one thing, she’d inexplicably believed him as she had no man before.
“Why did you?”
Fernando reached out and cupped her chin in his hand. “Because, querida, when I saw you standing there in that garden, with that beautiful smile on your lips, I knew with a certainty that I’d have to claim them. That I wouldn’t rest until I made you mine.”
“It was a simple sexual attraction.”
“There was nothing simple about it,” he said, brushing his lips to hers.
Jess closed her eyes as her heart stilled. She couldn’t let herself do this, but she couldn’t stop herself either. His masculine scent washed over her as she felt his palm press into the small of her back. 
“Jessica,” he said, resting his forehead on hers. “When I tell you the truth about this morning, I don’t want you to believe that anything last night was a lie.” And then to prove it, he kissed her deeply, with a skill and a passion that made her lose grip of her wine, sending the contents of her cup sloshing sideways.
“Your sister’s riding pants,” she said, nearly breathless.
“They’ll wash,” he said, tenderly stroking her thigh.
“Fernando,” Jess gasped, pulling back. “We can’t.”
He studied her a thoughtful moment as she gazed at him wide-eyed.
“Then we won’t,” he said with a quick peck on her lips.
She shivered involuntarily in spite of herself. This man had a way of completely undoing her.
“We’ll have a little something to eat first.” He pulled several small bundles from his bag, along with a small knife and a cutting board.
“While we talk?”
“Of course,” he said, handing her a napkin for her slacks. “Then afterwards, I’ll let you decide.”
“Decide what?”
Fernando shot her a sexy grin as he refilled her wine.
“Whether or not I’m the husband of your dreams.”



This was a rom-com type of read. This book was like the written story of What happens in Vegas or about the Carrie Underwood song Last Name. It was cutesy and fun and a little sad but things worked out and it was happily ever after. I LOVED that the story took place in Spain. I lived in Spain for 4 years when i was younger and believe me it IS that romantic. I loved that Jess eventually made HER OWN decision after realizing she had been letting everyone else make her decisions. The fact that Fernando love his momma, is easy on the eyes (brain in my case), and tries to woo her even when she has said she doesn’t want to marry or be married to him endears me to Fernando a bit. Sometimes I feel as thought it is much easier for me to like a male character vs a female one.
Somethings though:  the story was a bit  choppy to me and could have flowed a bit smoother. there were a couple of times that i had to backtrack to make sure i didn’t double tap on accident or something when i know i didn’t.
There was A LOT of information on Fernando but not really about Jess. The info we do learn is through her agonizing if she is doing the right thing or not by leaving Fernando. 
It was a bit predictable but I mean *shrugs* when you’ve read romances a bunch it’s bound to happen   
The last thing was Evie. The best friend. she just kind of felt like an after thought towards the end of the book and not very well thought out. I know she is there for book two but still she just felt like an extra. Gustavo, who made and even more brief appearance, felt like less of an imposter. It was almost weird especially since that is Jess’s best friend.
For me this wasn’t a read that i would buy the 2nd book. I enjoyed the story but it wasn’t anything that riled serious interest or devotion. 



Go for it. Its a sweet read that passes some time and gets your mind off of things. 


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