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Title: Fracture (Blood & Roses 2)
Author: Callie Hart
Pages: 143  Pages
Genre: Erotica, BDSM, Adult Fiction
Source: Amazon
Rating: 5 Stars



Zeth Mayfair is pretty much the very last thing I need in my life. And yet with every breath I take he becomes more engrained in every aspect of it:

He has a key to my house.

He knows where I work.

He dumped his strange, mentally traumatized housemate on my doorstep and has driven off into the sunset in search of my missing sister.

I want to forget him. Want to change the locks and blot out his face, scourge his very name from my memory. The problem is that I also need him. I need him more than I need air to breath, and I can’t be without him now.

He owns me.

He torments me.

He’s fractured me.



Oh my dear sweet macaroni and cheese pringles….Zeth Mayfair rocks my ever loving socks off and keeps me fanning myself while reading at work. Things take a wonderfully dangerous twist in this book. We find out a little more about Zeth’s life and Lacey’s life. We get to see how strong Sloane really is as well as how silly she is over this guy. I can’t blame her, hes so wicked! *sighs*  So anyways. This one was more action packed and less sexed up than the first one which is fine. The story is great – there is some serious development in the plot that takes you from sexy to crazy dangerous and expendables dangerous while still having an underlying romantic feel to it. My heart was in my throat a lot of the time wondering if Zeth would get caught or not get caught. I wondered if Lacey was going to make it through all of her problems or even give Pippa a try. I wondered if Sloane was going to run away or be killed. It was fantastic!

I think my favorite part of both books and this one especially is the chemistry between Zeth and Sloane. Sloane HATES that she succumbs to Zeth andZeth is SO confused by her sometimes that he also gets angry. It blows my mind that these two work so well together and get mad about the fact that they do but they never cease to amaze me with how they treat each other. Sloane is ballsy reckless and sometimes stupid when it comes to Zeth. Zeth seems to be able to read Sloane’s soul and needs all in one. He makes her wicked and she grounds him a bit. They are a good balance and a perfect show of Yin and Yang or good and evil.
What impacted me most in THIS story were two things: 
Lacey and Sloane somehow have made truce once over Lucky Charms and the Second time over some serious skull crushing…not even kidding, Lacey is a bit of an unstable bad ass.  The other thing was how QUICK Zeth was to pummel the life out of someone just for touching Sloane…Dude it was hott. He just straight up beat some guys face in and i clapped my hands in maniacal childish glee while i gasped in sheer shock from his outburst. What happened? I thought you had no feels. 🙂 God I love this book/series. I can’t wait to read the next one!!!



ohhhhh yess! the first one is free and gets you addicted so bad and fast you want to buy the second book before you are done with the first.