Meme Monday!!!

Welcome back Meme Monday and thank you for being so patient! 🙂

I present to you!!! This weeks meme:





I finished reading Collateral – book 6 in Callie Hart’s Blood and Roses series. I cried. I mean shameless just cried over one of the characters. My friend texted me and all she could say was: I’ve waited long enough to ask, Did you read it?!  the conversation then goes something like this:

Me: yes…

Her: are you ok!?!?!?!? I cried so hard! do you need a hug?

Me: yes *inconsolable wailing*

Her: aww its ok!! She’s writting more about them soon! It’s ok! We have Rebel to look forward to!

Me: I JUST DON’T CARE RIGHT NOW! WHYYYYY!!! WHY *insert character name here*!!!!! omg!!! 😥  😥 …I’m so sad and a little broken

Her: ok Dude go eat some chocolate or something before you fall into a deep depression or something.

Me: **creepily slink off to my cave of death and doom to shove my face full of chocolate.*

I  become invested in the lives of my characters, especially if I love the story to death too! How about you?  Do you cry over your characters? Do you mourn the deaths of them after closing your book?





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