That’s A Promise (Re-released)



Title: That’s a Promise (Promises, Promises Book 1)
Author: Victoria Klahr
Publisher:  Booktrope
Pages: 278  Pages
Genre:  New Adult
Source: Amazon
Rating:  5 Stars


Pain isn’t new to me.I’ve been to hell only to find it never really leaves when you get back. It haunts me through nightmares, unrequited love, lies, broken hearts, and now death.A monster almost took my life.My best friend carries half my soul a world away.My boyfriend broke my heart but refuses to let me go.And my father is dead.I don’t believe in fate and I don’t believe in happily-ever-afters, but for some reason, I still hope.Live, even with a tainted spirit.Long for my other half to come back to me.Risk another broken heart, just to feel loved again.And refuse to let another horror break me.In the face of my most recent tragedy, I have to decide whether forgiveness is something I can give. But even if that’s an option, can I be forgiven?

**Recommended for mature audiences due to explicit language, sexual themes, and sexual abuse**



:\ I am about 99% sure that I missed the deadline for this book and I hate that I don’t know for sure. If I did…I am most probably sure that I did… I am so so sorry!
**Update: I did miss the blog tour for this and I really am sorry!!! I am so behind without my planner. I just want to apologize to the author and the wonderful person who set up the tour and EVEN did a follow up email with me. I hope that you don’t hate me too bad**
I received this as an ARC for an honest review. I had already read this book and loved it but it was so long ago (honestly might not have been that long) that when I read this copy with all the new additions I couldn’t tell what was new in the book. It was like reading it for the first time. Granted I definitely did not have the surprise factor but I still teared up in important parts and definitely got emotional at some of the other parts.
I loved that Josie came off as human. I hated the tragedy. My heart broke for her and what she had gone through but she is strong. So strong. I loved that she was able to not only over come but thrive after what had been done to her. I am not sure that I myself would have that much strength and so I love Josie more for being so strong. Not only is she strong but shes sassy and kick ass too. 🙂 Its fantastic when you have tiny chick knocking out large soccer players.
Between Seth and Blake…Hands down Seth was my Favs ESPECIALLY at  the end. Yea he is kind of a man whore but he is so sweet to Josie.
The author took some serious risk in writing this story in my opinion. Not only did she introduce a traumatized girl who was a victim of rape but she gave that girl wonderful gay parents. Not lesbian parents but wonderful gay Dads. They were perfect in my heart. Not in my eyes but in my heart. I feel like this was a risk because Rape is still a tricky word to introduce to a female audience and most time gay partners are taboo as well. While this may have been a risk i think that these things are what really made Josie who she was.
I will admit that there were moments where i wanted to slap the goodness out of Josie and ask her to make up her mind or at least know her own mind. I did not take away from the story it just added to the fracas and drama of it all. I liked this book so much the first time that i read this that i have already read the second book and anticipate the third. I loved this book the second time around as well.
To be honest i simply don’t read a book a second time unless it rocks my socks. This one rocked my socks. I can’t find a single thing to complain about right now and that is also rare. Victoria Klahr did such a fantastic job on this re release. It was like meeting old friends for the first time. I think I have bought this book for a couple of friends previously and so will push the re released copy onto them as well.
For the original post with the original copy of the book click here.


I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who asks about it.


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