Holy Hiatus Batman!

I have been gone for what feels like forever. I know. I want to apologize buuuuut I can’t. So much happened in September. SO MUCH! I will catch you up.

My boyfriend came home from overseas, Japan to be exact. It had been 16 months since I had seen him last and was super excited. Took all this time off of work to spend time with him AND also move into my apartment…YUP I also moved out of my mom’s house too.

So, I was juggling work, because I work two jobs and couldn’t take complete time off, while moving, helping my parents move, and annihilating roaches…yes, roaches. I moved in and was so stoked and happy and then i turned off the lights and left for a few days and BOOM!!!! I’m a roach motel.

If you know anything about me at all you know I am so awesome and “gangster” until it comes to bugs. Bugs. Bane of my living. I hate Bugs. Spiders are hell’s creation and Roaches well roaches are the filth of the earth. FILTH! yuuuckkk I Cannot even think about!!! Luckily for me my knight in shinning armor came home a few days after I moved in and start murdering the critters. I want to feel bad for their lives but uhm …no…don’t feel bad.

My Parents, well, they moved back to New Jersey and so not only did I move out but I moved out and now my Mom is halfway across the Universe it feels like and it was just so much! So! So! Much!

My baby brother is currently living on my futon and my cat is being a huge brat and not eating because she doesn’t like living without the rest of her pack. I am clearly about to rip my hair out.

With all this going on i kept reading and emailing myself reviews but I just couldn’t completely devote 150% of my time the way I am used to to blogging and updating my Facebook page. I don’t have anyone as nerdy as I am to maintain things when life hits me too fast and too hard.

I am glad I was able to take some time off. Glad that I got to spend time with my boyfriend and glad I was able to move out unscathed. I missed everyone though. I missed writing cheesy reviews and stalking book releases. I have missed a lot and will make it up to you.

Life is sticky messy and I got caught up in it. I am happy but I got caught up.

Now, the boyfriend is back in Japan, I threw a successful rainbow themed bachelorette party, and I have my best friend’s wedding this weekend. I am adjusting to being back on my crazy work schedule and look forward to flooding everyone’s newsfeed with my dribble. I hope you missed me because I missed you and I am back!!



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