Beginning of the month doesn’t have to be so bad anymore!

Look! The Book Riot Mail Bag Giveaway is here! YES!!!!



These are the books they are giving away this month!


  • Every month Book Riot is generous enough to give away a box of books to one lucky person.
  • Every month like clockwork I sign myself, my boyfriend, my family, and my friends up for this box of wonderful happiness.
  • Have I won anything? No but the possibility of winning excites me so MUCH that I am never really discouraged from trying again.

What about Spam? Don’t worry your pretty little head about it!!!  You send your entry you get a confirmation email and that’s it. No, really that’s it!

Here’s What You DO:

1. click  the link below:

Book Riot Mail Giveaway Link

2. Scroll down some and enter your name and email address BEFORE 11:59pm Eastern, Monday, September 8th

3.  Receive your confirmation Email and then wait patiently or impatiently or even just forget about it.



P.S – This giveaway IS  international as well…in case you needed to know.


**I am not associated in anyway with Book Riot themselves; 
I’m just a happy follower of their blog.

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