Meme Monday!!!



Good Morning!!! Happy Monday I guess…Yep a case of the Mondays right here. Today’s Meme brought to you from a work experience yesterday.

I had a customer bring up 5 books to the register and say that she didn’t know which books she was going to read next because 5 books was too many to choose from and I just chuckled. Ma’am I have a whole 4 shelf bookcase that has yet to read and I just keep adding to it. The wonderful look of shock on her face made my day.

So CHEERS to my fellow book hoarders who have just as many TBR books as books that they have read! You are wonderful! Don’t stop collecting!






Everyone Try to have a wonderful monday! I am going to try to pull through on this one and hope it doesn’t continue to suck 🙂


SN: The give away is still open until midnight tonight on my Facebook Page!




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