Trading Tides

Detail of female hands tied up



Title: Trading Tides (Breaking in Waves Book #2)
Author: Laila Blake
Publisher: A Hotter State
Pages:  105 Pages
Genre: Erotica, Adult Romance? (is that a genre)
Source: Amazon
Rating:  5 Stars



Love, they say, is magnified by absence.
After the dreamlike quality of Iris’ visit at Paul’s seaside home, she is back in the routine and drudgery of her city life. Struggling to put a label on what they have together, they phone and write letters, trying to sustain the flame, until they can make time to be in each other’s arms again. But once they are, how do they pull back into proportions a love so magnified it burns?



*sighs* Oh Paul… I really do Love this story. Laila Blake does an exceptional job of making sure you become invested in the story and the characters she has created. The book start off right from where the first one ends. Thankfully there is not extra need to introduce and re-explain the situation if you have already read book 1. I like that. That is in the plus column for me. This one was a little longer than the first as well which was also a plus for me. This installment i felt gave me, as a reader, a deep story and a lot to think about. It show cased the strain that distance can put on any relationship and the effort it takes to keep said relationship alive and well – Paul and Iris are also in a very NEW relationship as well. Iris has some residual feelings from when she left Paul and they have grown in leaps and bounds because of the distance as well. For a while, until the very end at least, Paul is very hard to figure out. Sure he sends gifts and keeps in contact but what does Paul really feel about the relationship and how is he really taking it? I asked myself this question a time or two. Well I will not be answering that question so read the book 🙂

And  OMG the sex -_- Dear Paul for Christmas I want to be blindfolded in broad daylight and commanded about. Oh and for dinner I don’t want Indian I want whatever you served Iris! so please inform my boyfriend. Thanks!  The scenes in this book were fricking amazing followed by some serious confessions but amazing still none the less. So the two after dinner and raging sex have a moment and Paul disappears and comes back and they talk things out and Paul finally shows vulnerability and weakness.                finally!  to me this makes him more human and more amazing. The author put SO MUCH emotion into the words that i couldn’t help but feel Iris’s angst and Paul’s calm, seemingly strong exterior cracking. You can feel Iris’s relief in the bathroom, her hesitation in the park, and her turmoil when Paul leaves. I cannot express enough how much I love Paul and how he treats Iris. I for some reason have not enamored myself too much with Iris but I think she compliments Paul well…..and now i sound like a crazy person talking about characters like they are real people.

This went from a holy cripes thats smokin hot 1 night stand to ohh myyy yesss romance.



If you had the chance to read Book #1 then book #2 is a must!

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