Meme Monday!!!!

I am not sure if i mentioned or not but i work two jobs; one overnight and one during the day. this past week schedules at BOTH jobs have changed and it has left me pretty drained and struggling either to stay awake or go to sleep. So messing with my sleep schedule, and my normal weekend reading schedule has left me a bit cranky this Monday morning and this Meme totally gets me!




Do any of you suffer from withdrawals when your normal reading schedule is shattered into a trillion little heartbroken pieces??  I have a list of housework to catch up on and all I can think about is getting my posts out for the next few hours and finishing If I Stay so I can start Driftwood Deeds. Is it too much to ask for a magical reading bubble that no one can cross through? I need my fix!!!

On another note:

There is a giveaway going on  at my Facebook page – obviously you have to like my FB page THEN:

1. Go like Laila Blake’s Page at:
2. Comment on her page: “Greetings from a Baby Got Stacks Fan”
3. Comment on the giveaway post with the book you want to win when you are done!
You have a chance to enter until Midnight Tuesday 8/12/2014!

You have a chance of winning ANY ebook of your choice up to $10!!  Now who wouldn’t want a free book hmmm?


5 thoughts on “Meme Monday!!!!

  1. I totally get what you mean! I get super cranky if I don’t get enough reading time! It’s like, “Leave me alone world, I just want to read!” I don’t think that’s asking too much. Gah.

    Also, I wanted to let you know that your Facebook link is not currently working.


    1. Thank you so much for telling me! I fixed it! I didn’t even think to test it earlier. The link should be functional now – it let me click it and sent me to the FB page.

      I finished If I Stay FINALLY and then i was upset because i had 100 pages of book left but it was all book club questions and excerpts from the author’s other books. I felt like someone sucker punched me with such an abrupt ending!


      1. You’re welcome!

        And, that sucks! Did you read it on a Reader? I hate it when it tells you that you’re at like 80% and you think that you have some time left for the story to end nicely, and then it’s like BAM!!!! The End. Oh, and by the way, you should read these 15 excerpts if you don’t mind. So not right.


      2. It was a physical book! For some reason I didn’t even check to see what the last page was going to be like I would normally do but just started reading….then I hit the last page and was like what?!! I have a faulty copy or something …no. its just all advertising :/ so sad.


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