Meme Monday!!!!

Happy Monday!!!

..sort of…I have a case of the Mondays BUT that’s ok.

First a few notes:

-Nina G Jones finally did the cover reveal for Unstrapped 🙂 I’m happy about that! It’s on my Facebook page if you are interested. Go hit like since you are there too!


-I finished Gorgeous Rotten Scoundrel…a review coming soon! WHICH IS ON SALE FOR $1.99 ON AMAZON.  Go buy it. It’s wonderful and stand alone.


-AND I have had 13 consecutive days of at least one person stopping by the blog. This makes me happy 🙂 Thank you everyone! THANK YOU!!


*Drum roll*  And now for our Meme!



*sighs* It’s certainly Monday. I missed out on reading all weekend because of stupid work and I shamelessly read through a whole novel while AT work because I just felt like I needed it. Anyone else ever feel this way?

Well you busy bees have a good Monday and do your best to shake off those nasty Monday blues!!



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