Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

Now I very well know I could be made fun of or criticized for this but I enjoyed the Fifty Shades Series. This weeks hot debate was about the trailer that was released. To me, it was all hype and while I was a bit intrigued I still came out of it a bit wary of the movie. I look forward to picking apart the movie however I think somethings are just best left to the imagination.

Anyhow I came across a great breakdown of the trailer on bookriot that had me laughing so I am going to share it with you. This breakdown is from the perspective of someone who has NOT read the books.

Below is the article but to get to the actual BookRiot page click Here


JUL 25, 2014


Not gonna lie, Beyoncé is pretty much the sole reason I watched the Fifty Shades of Greytrailer through to the end. It was one of those, “What’s that song? I’ve heard it before, I just know it!” sort of moments.

Ok, I’m not being entirely truthful. I’m also curious, as a person who hasn’t read the books and only has their reputation to go by, as to how the film would be marketed/stylized, how the actors would look, and what kind of dialogue I could expect. After carefully watching the thing a few more times than necessary, here’s the breakdown according to me.


0:20 – Classic “two smokin’ hot ladies put in the same shot so you can see that one of them is supposed to look dumpy while the other is all sharp and cool.” This shot made me think ofThe Devil Wears Prada more than anything else. And then I smiled because I love that movie.

0:28 – “He was… polite?” – and headless. The dude’s head has been cut off from the shots. MYSTERIOUS! Wait, no – it’s disturbing.

0:45 – Self-deprecating humor by Smokin’ Hot Actor Lady.



0:50 – We finally see the dude’s head, and he uses it to squint one eye while intensely staring at Smokin’ Hot Actor Lady and assuring her that he is, indeed, looking at her despite her best intentions to scare him away.


Also, doesn’t she work for a newspaper? That’s how they meet, yes? She’s interviewing this dude for a paper? And he asks her about herself, and she’s like, “Tee hee, I’m boring.” Man, being a reporter must suck.

0:56 – Close-up on Smokin’ Hot Actor Lady’s baggy eyes.

1:00 – The key to success is being a control freak. And lens flare. And SHAL’s comeback? She calls him boring. But we know he isn’t boring. Ohh. We. Know.

1:07 – Valentine’s Day, eh? Reminder, folks: this isn’t a how-to video.

1:17 – Is he, le gasp!, unable to control himself?


1:25 – JEALOUSY.

1:35 – TOPLESS.

1:47 – Some more creepy-intense staring, which leads to SHAL’s open challenge: “Oh, I ‘wouldn’t understand,’ you say? SHOW ME.”

1:56 – Mini-montage that isn’t really steamy, just, there. Like, here: look at all these things. We’re going to show you all these things. Please come look at all these things in the movie theater. You want these things, yes?

2:12 – Confirmation that I have both heard and not heard the song in the trailer (Crazy In Love). Also Beyoncé is a goddess.

2:20 – Reminder it’s coming out on Valentine’s Day. Don’t forget!

In all seriousness, it’s a weird trailer to watch. I like all the colors and the sort of modern feel they’re going for, but looking at this at face value (I have no choice because I haven’t read the source material), it’s kind of awkward. Lots of silence. And staring.


So what is YOUR take on the trailer? I wasn’t shocked and couldn’t understand why it wasn’t aired on tv. I felt as though they could have picked a better christian grey or at least someone who doesn’t look like a hairless cat [ the guy practically smolders with a beard; isnt that what they were looking for?] I don’t know this just didn’t make me NEED to see the movie.




One thought on “Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer

  1. Lmao ecactly!!! I am not all that impressed. Truth be told me and my fiance laugh each time the trailor ends. So the end “song clip” is from beyonce’s crazy in love (truth be told the song, to me, seemed way beneath her capabilities.) They couldn’t find a better part of the song to use besides that? Just made it awkward. In general the trailer made me in no way more interested in watching the movie or even reading the books. I had the same devil wears prada refrence when I saw it as well lolol. Then moved to a twilight feel. All who know me know that is enough said. Bottom line the movie was made for the fans. And they seem to be loving it. I have heard its is straight forward the book on screen (with in rating guide lines I am sure) which is a pretty rare but good thing these days with transfers. I will have to say they didnt really push that trailor to its limits. I have seen way more risque stuff in product commercials. I hope the pushed the line with the movie least there be major disappointment for the fans.
    Sorry couldn’t help myself on this one 😀


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