Meme Monday!!!!!

And the crowd goes wild!!!!! *Insert outrageously cacophonous crowd noises here*   🙂  ok so maybe not exactly that exciting or anything like that but I’m excited. For our first Meme Monday I bring forward these wonderful pieces of work that gave me a good giggle. 🙂 It’s self explanatory.


Sooo first I found this one:



And THEN I found this one:



Tickled…Just completely tickled. Thank you Hermione Granger for sharing this moment with us today on this very special 1st Ever Meme Monday on Baby Got Stacks. How appropriate for you to like big books on a site such as this one. It was nice of you to stop by.  Aaaaaaaaaaand I’m done having one sided conversation with an inanimate picture. …Come one guys its funny.

Well this simple and short post is the first of many crappy Monday’s being brightened by wonderful nerdylicious booktastic memes that the wonderful internet seems to throw my way. Feel free to add your own in the comments below. Toodles and Happy Monday fellow Readers.





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