Full Circle (Lily’s Story 2)



Title: Full Circle (Lily’s Story 2)
Author: O.C Shaw
Publisher: KDP
Pages:  376 Pages
Genre: New Adult Romance, Contemporary Romance
Source: Amazon Book Page
Rating: 3 Stars


Admittedly, misery is a somewhat extreme dieting technique, and everything I read assures me I am likely to puff up like a blood-bloated tick the second I start eating normally again, but hey, I’m willing to take my pleasure where I can find it.Still emotionally reeling from the cluster bomb fate decided to throw at her love life, Lily is finally shown a lifeline when her book is accepted for publication.
Cast into an unfamiliar world following the novel’s success, Lily knows she has almost everything she could ever want – except love.

Why can’t I move on, Annie?

Still haunted by dreams of her abusive husband and her dishonest lover, Lily longs to move forward and learn to love and trust again, but karma still has some surprises in store.
As her old life blends with new, Lily faces yet more choices in her quest to find her happy-ever-after.

Continuing the journey that began in What Goes Around Comes Around, this is the second and final part of Lily’s story. Full Circle is an adult contemporary romance intended for readers aged 18+


SPOILER ALERT:  if you have not read Book #1 What Goes Around Comes Around do not read this review. I will be referencing back to the first story as this is NOT a stand alone novel.

hmm… How can I put this? I was kind of disappointed. The story was great the ending phenomenal and I felt completed after reading this BUT I have a few complaints. James is whiny and presumptuous. I mean come on man YOU LIED about having a wife AND you never defended Lily when that harpie came in trash talked her and then kicked her out the house. YOU messed up and let her go. In my opinion you don’t get to act like a possessive man child and be jealous of Tony. Speaking of poor Tony, I loved him and I’m kind of mad that Tony experienced the whole “nice guys finish last thing” *sighs* I’m glad Lily found her happy ending and stood up for herself and became stronger – frankly to me she was always that way it just took time BUT Tony was perfect. Amazing. Wonderful….I may have a crush on him. 

Moving on… Lily! has done well for herself in the face of many tragedies. She is an amazing writer and has come into her own money, and body. She is traipsing across the globe on numerous book tours and then BAM! things literally change gears and she’s thrust into the proverbial Lions den.  :\ I don’t want to talk to much about it because I will spoil the story. Things get crazy for Lily’s career, She ends up face to face with the douche bag Greg for the first time since the rape, and then she’s face to face with Amanda Lattimer as well! Lily get’s closer to her sons in one fell swoop, inadvertently knocks up poor Emma, Annie goes through a shit storm of drama in her relationship and then finally a happily ever after. Lily finds herself in the middle of a HUGE dangerous scandal, which if you know Lily it’s not unusual.  CRESCENDO!!! CRESCENDO!!! — I can’t talk about what happened on the crescendo there because it would spoil this novel for you. SO instead CRESCENDO!!! Hey did I mention Bitch face is the reason half the issues were raised in the first place and thank god she removed her claws out of Ethan. uhhhhhhh so the end of the book… -_- Everyone lives happily ever after. SOMEONE READ THE BOOK SO I CAN PROPERLY TALK ABOUT THIS!!!

I am all for Love prevailing in the end but I just think that he should have been dragged through some broken glass and then his feet held to the fire before Lily even considered  anything. *shrugs* that probably makes me a huge bitch but I’m OK with that. Oh yea Lily finally reports the rape 🙂 it was like a cherry on top after everything.

Overall, I was happy to see how things worked out. I wished they had played out a bit different but hey it’s not my story. It pleased me to finish it but it didn’t exactly stop my heart by ending.




 If you’ve read the first book then yes please do read this. If you have not read the first one then this is not a stand alone novel so don’t be slow and try do it. It just wont make sense AND you just wont understand my immense amount of frustration.
– Kayla

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