Strapped Down



Title: Strapped Down
Author: Nina G Jones
Publisher: Nina G Jones
Pages: 323 Pages
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Source: Amazon Book Page
Rating: 5  Stars


The much anticipated second installment of the Strapped Trilogy, Strapped Down picks up where the first installment concluded.

Eric is not going down without a fight, but Shyla and Taylor are willing to go to equally dark lengths to make him pay for his betrayal. In their quest to seek revenge and find happiness, deeply guarded secrets from their pasts begin to surface, revealing they are linked to each other in ways they could never have imagined.

For every secret they uncover, another seems to surface as they find themselves raveled in a web that extends much further than the confines of the darkroom. As Shyla and Taylor become more entwined with each other, Shyla learns that Taylor’s dark side is far more dangerous than she initially believed. Will Shyla continue to follow Taylor into the darkness, or is he far too gone for her light to shine through?

Strapped Down is not a standalone novel, Strapped must be read first. Appx. 92,526 words.

Be forewarned: This is a dark novel.


ohhhhhh yeeeeessss This was packed with yumminess, heart stopping moments, mind blowing moments even. I feel like i held my breath the last few chapters of the book. I freaked OUT!!! jumped up and down and gobbled this book down. I loved the first one but holy balls in hell…. What has Nina G. Jones done to my life!  No one knows who the hell Taylor really really is.  No one knows where or who Taylor’s mom is or what is going to come of it. And what happened there at the end. Why why did that last line have to be there what in the WORLD went through the authors mind on the last page of this book. I hope there is a 3rd one. There needs absolutely needs to be a 3rd one. Shy dear sweet girl! does she even understand what shes gotten herself into!?!?!? for the love of all that is raunchy the Gun Range scene in this book…sinful, dirty, dangerous, and exhilarating. Call me kinky but it was a fantastic scene. I hope that the next book in the series ties up some loose ends as well as showing some reconciliation between Shy and her mother. I also hope that Henry gets his life together and that Kristin stays faithful and keeps it in her pants. I wasn’t too overly fond about the scene between Kristin and Henry…well either of them but it is what it is I’m sure the mastermind of an author has a bigger plan that i cannot see. Over all this book in my eyes was wonderful full of turbulent ups and depressing downs. Eric brings a host of questions into play that i wish i had answers to but am more than willing to be patient and see what precisely the author throws our way. All i know is I am more than down for the ride! Saying this book was dark was a total understatement. If you read the first book then you MUST read the second it is imperative….I just got hot and bothered thinking of the book again. Phew!!! I’m tempted to even re read the 1st and the 2nd


YES YES YES!!! ONLY $3.99 on Amazon. READ IT!!! Absorb the amount of Raunchy goodness that this gives you and find out every reason fall in love and hate Taylor Holden!!



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