Chain of Title


Title: Chain of Title
Author: Robyn Roze
Publisher: Robyn Roze
Pages:  356  Pages
Genre: Romantic Suspense Thriller
Source: Amazon Book Page
Rating: 4  Stars


Shayna Chastain’s marriage crashed and burned. She walked away, bruised, but not broken, without so much as a glance over her shoulder at her philandering husband. Oh, his betrayal stung, but Shayna has experienced loss before. She knows it comes for you when you least expect it. 

Now feeling a bit past her prime and wanting a new direction in life, Shayna reawakens the woman she remembers being before marrying Frank Chastain. She wants a different life from the one she’s been living. However, she doesn’t have much support from her family and friends who think she’s made a regrettable decision. 

Frank Chastain, Mt. Pleasant’s steely real estate mogul, begrudgingly signed the dissolution papers Shayna forced on him. He never wanted to divorce the love of his life. Always believed they could work it out. 

She’ll be back. 

He’s sure of it. 

Now more than ever, he needs that to be true. Events have conspired in his life that could blow open the secret he’s been hiding. He needs Shayna to help him seal it shut, but it may already be too late. 

Sean Parker owns an Italian restaurant that has become Shayna’s oasis, giving her respite from the swirling storm around her. Their attraction is instant, but the fallout will last a lifetime. Sean’s smooth, handsome exterior hides an unsavory past that he walked away from years ago and has no intention of revisiting, or discussing. 

If it’s really in the past, is it even anyone’s business? Sean sees no point in being an open book. What matters is right now. And right now, there’s no way in hell he’s going to lose the only woman he’s ever loved. The only woman he can’t live without. 

But life doesn’t always let us keep our secrets. And these secrets are about to explode to the surface with far-reaching, deadly consequences. 

How well do you know the people you love? 

Even the one’s you’ve known most of your life… 

**Mature themes and sexual content for 18+**



First thing I can think of when thinking about this novel: I wish that it was a stand alone novel. I read the epilogue and face palmed myself. This ended beautifully without the need for a series. This is just my opinion. Second thing I think about: *sighs* I hope i will love someone as unconditionally as Shayna does Sean…I’m not one for spoilers so i will not say why i hope that. This was a great book. Completely different type of romance novel from the usual sticky boy meets girl girl meets boy gets her heart broken still loves boy and they work it out and live happily ever after. No this was a bit more realistic in that there was a sticky yucky divorce, a mom hating daughter, an accidental unexpected new relationship starting out of no where. This was more realistic in the fact that she is not a 20 something year old woman but an old gal, 40 somethings, and she not only has trust issues but her self confidence is shattered. There is SO MUCH information crammed into the 350 pages that at some point i felt bogged down but kept mucking through. After a while you realize its just because you needed time to develop the characters and their relationship with each other. I was truly sad and hurt at some point WITH Shayna. 😦 I wish someone would read it so i can talk to them about it briefly. Sean is like a coin with 2 sides; one we know normally and the other we meet briefly and either love or hate. I personally disliked his jealous control streak and that was on the good side of the  coin. *sighs* all in all I liked this book. For me there was just SO much going on that i couldn’t decide who to focus on and then when the story finally mellows out they just throw it all for a loop and then surprise me with a HEY! There is going to be a next book. The writing itself was super colorful and descriptive. I loved that the author was so detailed, the picture she described so vivid, it made the book much easier to read though not overly wordy. All in all it was a good read but not something i’d gush about when asked what i was reading.



This wasn’t a light super happy flowery read so if that is what you are looking for this is not for you. if you are looking for something along the lines of dark and heavy full of twists and turns then yes this is definitely a good read for you.


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