Title:  Strapped
Author: Nina G. Jones
Publisher:  Nina G. Jones
Pages:  351 Pages
Genre: Erotic Thriller
Source: Amazon Book Page; Author’s Blog
Rating: 5 Stars


By all appearances, Shyla Ball has an enviable life: a loyal boyfriend, a great job, and family that loves her. She doesn’t realize how deeply unsatisfied she is until she has an embarrassing encounter with a handsome stranger at a coffee shop. Taylor Holden, a successful businessman, takes a sudden special interest in her and offers her a job she cannot refuse. Soon after, she learns there is much more to this intensely private man than meets the eye. He is hiding many painful secrets, including why it is that he has seemingly plucked her out of obscurity for such a lucrative position. Her “perfect” world is turned upside down by her infatuation towards Taylor and in just a couple of months, her life looks nothing like it did before. While she is frightened by the changes she sees in herself, she cannot resist the lure of Taylor Holden. As Shyla slowly gains Taylor’s trust, she learns of his complex history and how it has molded him into the person he has become. When elements of Taylor’s secret past resurface and threaten to destroy them, Shyla finds out there may be more to Taylor’s story than even he is aware of. Strapped is a story of passion, manipulation, obsession, and family secrets.

Please note: Strapped contains adult themes and content. This series is dark and will likely not elicit warm, fuzzy feelings. Some characters have mental health and emotional issues and are deeply flawed. This is not a typical romance novel.
Strapped is the first book of the Strapped Series. Appx. 112k words.



This was not your typical 50 Shades of Grey type of erotica novel. NO! This was SO much more than hey I’m a millionaire dom let me blow your mind and put your life at risk due to my high profile lifestyle. Yes, there are similarities in the fact that Taylor is a CEO, a dom, and millionaire who throws money around and likes dangerous thrills. Shyla!!! is what makes this novel so different. My mouth was left hanging open! at the end of the book frantically looking to see if there was a book two immediately available for my reading. I was too amped by the end of this book to even sleep! *sighs*Shyla had EVERYTHING any regular girl would want: faithful loving boyfriend, thriving free lance business, a place to live. She was still unhappy because she was missing something. Then she met Taylor by some force of nature and then the story starts to tumble. She is a spunky little spit fire who is now forced to face herself and her life decisions. Forced to make hard decisions and come to term with some hard facts. Her life is immediately turned upside down but she doesn’t give in to it. She fights, learns, conquers and adapts. I LOVE HER! Shyla, for me, makes this story different. Coupled with the hot wire intensity of their feelings and unexpected visitors from the past this took me for a wild wild ride! phew! I need to go lay down and fan myself. I got too excited with this book in more than one way. READ IT!!! I LOVED IT!



🙂 I’ll loan you the kindle version of this book…14 days. Otherwise it’s a whopping $3.99 on Amazon. Either way this was fantastic. I didn’t sleep a wink and read it e.cover to e.cover that’s how much I loved it.


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