Shattered Embrace

Shattered Embrace cover


Title: Shattered Embrace
Author: P.R. Newton
Publisher:  PRN Publishing
Pages: 398 Pages
Genre: Contemporary
Source:  Amazon Book Page; Author Website
Rating:  2.5 Stars


Adoption was never the second choice. Not for Tory and Matt Witcraft, a young couple from the Canada with a dream of becoming parents. After years of working their way through the international adoption system, their dreams finally start to come true when they see a photo of Bethlehem, the little Ethiopian girl destined to become their daughter. 

Then one morning the unthinkable – their adoption agency goes bankrupt. Chaos ensues as they are left in limbo with rumors swirling about how their daughter may be starving or worse, lost to them forever. With their dreams of a family unraveling before their eyes, Tory and Matt do the only thing they can, they go to their daughter in Ethiopia. 

But the fight doesn’t end with international political battles. Secrets from the past threaten the new family, shattering hearts and dreams. 

Their adoption journey was difficult, but no one expected the hardest part of the journey would start once their dreams came true.



*sighs* this book…took me forever…11 days or something like that to finish. I just couldn’t get into it. It’s a great story full of emotional roller coasters, big loving family, self doubt, traumatic childhood experiences, and stark fear. It takes you on a journey of adoption and some of the problems that come with it. I will not lie the story itself was good. Well written and emotionally involved while not bogging down the pages with murky incomplete fillers. It was just for ME! not a good read. It was a slow torturous read that took FAR longer than it should have until I forced myself to sit down and read it all. I found the main character, Tory, at times to be annoying and sometimes self centered. I do not have children; I am currently aware that at this moment in my life I do not want children so this may be why this story kind of unraveled for me as well. Husband and Wife were almost PERFECT contrasts of each other and that was a little too idyllic for me. Both in-laws were ALSO perfect contrasts too each other as well which I also found to be a bit much. *shrugs* I think this is a novel that just comes down to taste and being able to relate to the circumstances. I won’t fail the book simply because it wasn’t my cup of tea but I also will not waste my time re reading the novel either.




Right now it is on sale for $0.99. If you are feeling the need for an emotional read then by all means please feel free to read just know that I would not tell you i’d buy it for you but I also will not encourage or discourage you either on it. Make sense?


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