What Goes Around Comes Around





Title:  What Goes Around Comes Around
Author:  O.C Shaw
Pages: 326  Pages
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Source:  Amazon Book Page ; Good Reads Page
Rating:  5 Stars


Do you ever have conversations with people where they remark how they seem to have blinked and an hour has flown by, or a week, or a year? This morning I have been having one of those moments, except that I find myself standing in front of my mirror at home, looking at my reflection and realising that somehow eighteen years have gone by. And I can’t for the life of me really tell you much about it – what I was doing, what I achieved, what the hell happened.Caught in an unhappy marriage to a controlling man, who has become increasingly resentful about the hand life has dealt him, Lily Lambert has been forced to manage both the home and income for their family over the last nineteen years.

At 37 Lily finds herself approaching middle age, lacking in confidence and unhappy with her life. Determined to finally do something about it, she decides to get healthy. At the gym, she meets a new group of friends — including a man with bright blue eyes and killer abs — who open her eyes to what she has been missing. In the end Lily faces choices, but all choices have consequences, and Lily learns that some come at a higher cost than others.

What goes around comes around is an adult contemporary romance recommended for readers aged 18+



My mind is simply blown. All at once I am saddened for Lily, contrite with James, wanting to kill Greg, and slap Ethan. I’m more in love with Anne and Emma in ways that I could never describe or explain. All at once I am profoundly proud of Lily but at the same time so devastated for her this certainly was not a light read and something that could most definitely happen in real life. I believe because of its realness that this book was an immediate hit for me. I appreciate that the author chose on older woman as the heroine and the main character of this novel. The author made the character fall, hurt, cry, make mistakes, make devastating mistakes and in the end fight for herself and pick herself back up without the extra help of a man. Yes I feel as thought some of the way she handled her issues was inadequate and even stupid but when it comes to  your kids you would do anything to protect them. This book may be irritating for the empowered and super strong assertive woman however I felt as thought it was a book that MANY women can relate to. I have not been through nearly as much as the main character but it was entirely too easy to relate to Lily’s despair. I LOVED this book and cannot wait to read the second book. There is not a happy ending in this book be prepared for that.


Read it!!! I found it when it was free but its only $2.99 on Amazon right now. I’m sad that I have like 10 other books on my reading list before I can get to the second novel but I really really really want everyone to take a couple hours and sit down and read this. IF you do read it PLEASE let me know what you think.


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