The End of a Series or Two

In the past couple of days I have finished two books and at the end of those two books two series. I had mixed feelings of course; sad, happy, enraged, disappointed, let down…ok so in general I just feel kind of like my books are breaking up with me lately. No, they aren’t terrible series or authors; i’ve just been let down. Maybe it’s just my mood. Don’t take this as a personal assault on the Authors or Books Themselves. I LOVED the series for me to contnue through with reading it but idk. The end of them just felt anticlimatic. I will not be writting reviews for these two books simply because I wouldn’t want to review a series out of order. Feel free to start at the beginning of the series and work your way forward however.

How Not to Kiss a Gargoyle





Book #1: How not to Kiss a Toad: Amazon Page


Rock stars Do It Forever



The  beginning of the Series is the Big Girls Do It Series as of this moment the boxed set is free on Amazon. Big Girls Do It Boxed Set

I LOVED the Big Girls part of the series because surprise surprise, I’m not a size 4. The Rock Stars Spin off patches up the holes in the Big Girl series so be sure to read one then the other.


I just want to stress that except for these last books in no way make me regret the series themselves; I just wish that the last book lived UP to what the Series created in my head. They are Light Fun reads that I encourage you to try. Alas I must say good bye though to both series and move on to another. 😦 I’m Kind of sad at that but farewell! So Long! Until we meet again!






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