Lately I haven’t wanted to read anything… It’s strange. Like I have Mono or something. I have just been in this slump. I am chronically disappointed with everything I read as of late. I mean maybe its just the last couple of books I read but Ugh!! I might be sick or something who knows? Anyone out there recommend a good book? Something that may pleasantly surprise me? *sighs* I suppose I just need to dive into a fresh novel and see if I can shake this off but what does an avid reader call a moment like this? Book Blues? Reading Flu? I am not sure but let’s hope I get over it soon before the withdrawals REALLY start to kick in although I am curious to know how one can be chronically dissatisfied with anything they read while ALSO suffering from withdrawals from NOT reading…hmmmm?


In other News:

If you have read the Kallypso Master’s Series on Amazon Somebody’s Angel has been out for a little bit. I know I’m all late and stuff but just FYI.