A Little Combustible Chemistry


Title: A Little Combustible Chemistry
Author: Violet Duke
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Pages: 71 Pages
Genere: Contemporary Romance
Source: Amazon Book Page; GoodReads
Rating: 5 Stars


Man, oh man, was he in trouble…

If the girl-next-door-had an unpredictable, feisty twin sister, this woman would be her. Though she’d doused it quickly, a sizzling, ultra-feminine awareness had flared in her eyes in that brief moment they’d met his, along with a sweet blush she’d fought with adorably stubborn defiance. Damn, she was cute. And intriguing. With that quiet, kitten gaze of hers still mulishly refusing to look his way again, she was drawing him in, hook, line, and sinker.

Holy Hefeweizen…

It was bad enough that the faint scent of one of her dark ales was lingering on his lips in that sexier-than-sin sort of way, but candying it atop steamy eyes and a gentlemanly sweet center to boot was just plain unfair. He was cowboy-in-the-city sexy with a laughing smile and all sorts of promised temptations radiating from him. And he always smelled like chocolate. With his scorching hot gaze, he was completely lethal to everything that kept her tame.

The night Luke and Dani met, they really should have gotten each other’s last names. More importantly? Each other’s occupations.

See how the chocolate vs. beer throw-down between chocolatier Luke Bradford and beer brewing beauty Dani Dobson gets started in this prequel novella to LOVE, CHOCOLATE, AND BEER

Short Story it maybe but it was jam packed with blood pressure raising scenes. I laughed and blushed a lot through the 71 pages of this prequel. Even better? At the end of it I was practically screaming for the 1st book! Whats better than Chocolate and Beer? Watching the steamy story unfold between the owners and masters of each trade. When Dani and Luke met I became a complete female and practically sighed with envy and then quickly held my breath to see what would happen next with those two. They come together and it is almost spontaneous combustion. They are perfect for each other in every way! Violet Dukes is remarkable also gets you wondering about a few of the other couples in this prequel. This book is a PERFECT way to give you just a taste of what is to come in the 1st book. In fact since it is free on Amazon right now, I encourage you to click on the Amazon Book Page link above and purchase it! The prequel is also available for Free at the beginning of Love, Chocolate, and Beer [Book 1] if you want to just hop right from one story to the next. Dani and Luke may be the main focus now but I am anxious to get through book one to see how the relationships unfold around them as well.

Would I Recommend this book?
You bet your britches I would! I would even cut out the guess work and send the prequel to your kindle for you!


SN: Happy St. Patricks Day! 🙂 Imagine that. A beer focused story on America’s favorite beer day!

– Kayla


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