Tucked away in what looks to be am abandoned shopping center is a small inconspicuous piece of paradise. My personal oasis in this humdrum world. The locals call it cafetal. I just call it home. Is not literally my home obviously but it’s nostalgic for me. Brings me back to when I was a little girl kicking my feet sitting at the breakfast bar watching the older set dance and joke while cooking. It smells and sounds the part in here too; they have salsa playing all the time and the food ughhh I wish I could bottle the smell and spray it when I feel homesick. Who needs Starbucks to read, write, or study in when this place wraps you lovingly in its arms. They greet practically everyone by name and with a hug. I get a hug every single time I walk thru the door and they always ask after my mom. Today Diego asked me about the car and how it’s doing since they know I bought a car. They feed, me make sure I’m happy and leave me to my corner where I can travel the world in relative peace. True Peace and quiet is scary and over rated to me; I enjoy the noise, the bustle, the under current of organized chaos. The owner is like an uncle, sneaking me candies if I’ve eyed them too long. I’ve been here an hour and there’s no rush for me to move at all. I can count on these people. They make places like Starbucks feel sterile and unloved. On the off chance that you live in the Buford area of tell you to swing by and stop in for a visit. Don’t speak Spanish? No problem they will love you even more for stepping out of your comfort zone. I would suggest some empanadas and jugo de maracuya con agua. The food is amazing, the people more so and the atmosphere comforting. I ask again who needs Starbucks when there are hidden little gems like this in the world? Personally I’m better without the giant chain. Where do you like to hide out and read or write? Where is your home away from home nook?




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