Breathless: Party Girl

Author: N.L. Allen

Pages: 17 pages

Genre: Erotic Short Story

Amazon Book Page 

Rating: 1 Star


Leanne’s partying ways catch the attention of all the guys in the club, but she’s shimmied into her best dress to catch the eye of just one man.Peter, her older, more experienced neighbour, doesn’t seem to get the hint. Will tonight be the night where he finally takes the hint – and her?

This 4,300 word story contains hard bareback sex, voyeurism and more. Grab this hot read and leave yourself Breathless! [from Amazon]



This book, to me, was a waste of my 30 minutes. It was a free on amazon so I thought I’d give it a shot. Short Erotic Romances can be very good but with this one I ran into a few problems. There were some editing issues; extra words, misspelled words, sentences that confused you and things like that. Then there was the story; I get it it was 17 pages long and so shouldn’t have expected a whole lot but I just found the story in general to be lacking body. The story starts out in a club with the main character/party girl wasted. I’m all for a good time but the author made her sound like a complete floozy.  There was an alley way hook up, a creepy masturbating neighbor, and a very erotic scene where you can’t help but wonder, does she even know if she wants to get laid? The story itself kind of ended abruptly and of course with more sex. All in all I was disappointed and a little creeped out. Don’t get me wrong, I love to read smut but this just didn’t appeal to me in anyway.

Would I recommend this?

If you were my friend I’d tell you not to waste your money or time. If you insisted on reading it yourself I’d tell you to make sure it was free. Simple as that.

– Kayla


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